Daily Feats

I found this great little site called Daily Feats.  You check off feats that you have done and get points for doing them.  There are a ton of feats to chose from – flossing your teeth, working out, reading with your child, to walking your dog.  If you did it, chances are it is there.  Your points can then be redeemed for gift cards to major retailers, discounts coupons to restaurants and more.  You can join up with other friends on the site and create a team – come find me – just look for Katyshops.

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Road Trip!

I was lucky enough to accompany my girlfriend to Lula, Georgia this weekend to look at a sweet little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  The King Cavalier is a breed of dogs that I was not that familiar with – I did remember that Charlotte in Sex and the City had King Cavalier puppies, and did know that they were really cute.  What I learned from the owner (Holly) is that they are sweet, sweet dogs.  She described their temperament as that of a Golden Retriever – and we all know how sweet Goldens are!  They are very petite, she specialized in small King Cavaliers.  The dogs were very calm and very loving.  I don’t know if it is indicative of all King Cavaliers or if it is because they happen to have an amazing owner and facility.  Seriously, this place was gorgeous…super clean & state of the art.  Holly owns an amazing King Cavalier business as well as a Bed & Biscuit Inn.  In fact, the dog that we looked at had just had a blueberry facial before we arrived.  Heck, I would like to stay there too!  She happens to have quite a glitzy clientele too…many celebrities and Braves players are proud owners of her dogs.  She has flown with dogs to meet clients all over the country!  Maybe the paparazzi should hang out in Lula to catch a few prize shots 🙂  We looked at a little guy named Clarence (soon to be renamed Gibson ~maybe).  I have a feeling we will be taking another road trip this weekend so my friend can officially adopt him….I can’t wait!  Oh, and did I mention we passed by the outlet center on the way home and did some shopping?  Perfect road trip!  Here is a photo of aKing Cavalier…


And here is the little guy we looked at…



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Happy Birthday To Me!

I’m celebrating my birthday today…and taking Monday off (hopefully I will still be celebrating)!


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No, not that kind of quickie!  Just a quick post.  This school year is coming to an end…with a big finale.  I have one finishing Elementary School & one finishing Middle School.  With that said I have my schedule filled with kickball tournaments, luncheons, awards ceremonies, school tours, field days and more.  I will try to be timely with my posts for the next week…please stick with me if I skip a day (or two)…I am busy, busy, busy!!  Not to mention my Gold Party tonight and an engagement party tomorrow (congratulations Jessica!).  With both of the girls moving on to new schools next year I picked them both up some new spirit wear from their soon to be school – going to surprise them with it on the last day of school. Do you buy your kids a “last day of school” present?  If so, what do you get them?   I must also confess that having a high school-er and middle school-er is a little depressing…how did they get so big??  I am proud of them…but sad to see time fly so fast.


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Happy Thanksgiving!

What a great day!  Riley, my Father-in-law, and myself all ran the Gobble Jog 5K at the Marietta Square this morning.  Of course we stopped in at Krispy Kreme on the way home for some pumpkin doughnuts- yummy.  I’m anxiously awaiting the big fat turkey that is spinning around on the rotisserie on our grill.  I sure have lots to be thankful for!


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Have you ever?

Have you ever picked out a bottle of wine just because you liked the label?  I did today!  Martha Stewart has launched a new line of wines….and the lable happens to be her monogram…which happens to be my daughter Maddie’s monogram too.  It was to cute to pass up…hope it tastes as good as it looks.



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Gone running….

Today my Mom arrives from Texas to run two 5K’s with me!  I’m so excited :).  Wish us luck…I’ll be back soon!


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Not today.

I’ve decided that for everybody’s own good I should not be shopping or recommending any purchases today.  You know that little back problem I have been dealing with this week?  Dr. Bob put me on a Vicodin and Muscle Relaxer cocktail.  Needless to say, my head is in a different place ~ a really, really happy place.

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What was that?

Did you catch any of the beach volley ball matches during the Olympics?  Did you notice that  Kerri Walsh had tape all over her shoulder?  Mike and I had a bunch of different theories regarding why she had was all taped up.   We thought maybe she was covering up a naughty tattoo.  Nope.  The right answer? Kinesio Tex Tape . This special tape applies compression to the skin, offering relief from pain, correcting muscle and joint function, and improving circulation.  Who knew? It even comes in pink!  So if you are nursing an injury…do it  Kerri Walsh style, put tape all over your body.

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What a weekend!!

What a great weekend this was! The concert Friday night was awesome. We were able to go backstage to meet Taylor Swift…she is such a cutie! I loved seeing her be so great with the little kids that came back to meet her…she seems so genuine! We had our picture made with her and got her autograph…made me feel like a groupie. The biggest surprise of the night was when we finally made it to our seats and realized that they were in the front (and center of the stage) row! We were shocked…we never realized that they were in the front row. I have never ever been this close for a concert…it was such an adrenaline rush. Rascal Flatts puts on an amazing show and it was so neat to be in the front. Gary LeVox actually grabbed my hand for a second!!

The celebrity sightings didn’t end Friday night. On Saturday night Mike and I went out to the Olive Garden to grab a quick bite. One of my very favorite students named Ben gave me a gift certificate to OG. While waiting on our table in walks Cohutta from the Real World Sydney! He was super short…but still very cute.

The perfect end to our weekend was picking up the girls from the airport. They looked like pack mules and must have brought home most of New York City! They couldn’t stop talking about all of the amazing things that they got to do and see. Sailing lessons, shopping, eating lots of yummy food, Mama Mia on Broadway, the MOMA, and much more! They did spend about 3 hours in one of my favorite shops – Pearl River.

As if this weekend couldn’t possible get any better…it did!  I just found out that I won a giveaway from The Cat’s Pajamas!!  A super cute monogrammed lunch tote…now I have to decide on the color.  She has a super cute blog and is celebrating her blogiversary.  Go wish her a happy one year anniversary!

Now we will try to settle in and get ready for the start of school in 1 week. Ack!! I can’t believe we have another Summer under our belts. Time sure does fly.

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