Deck the Halls with ChapStick

If you’re looking for the perfect stocking stuffer, turn to ChapStick! ChapStick has great holiday collector’s tins and ornament tins that look cute, festive, and are perfect gifts for your friends and family! Gingerbread Kiss, a new ChapStick flavor, and Candy Cane are my favorites and go great with the holiday season!

chapstick2 chapstick1

You can find the ornament tins at Target for a limited time and the individual flavors at drug stores nationwide. The holiday tins can be found at Target, Walmart, and Walgreens for a limited time. Enjoy the holiday season and keep your lips festive and nourished with ChapStick!


Disclosure:  The Chapstick product and information have been provided by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare.  The opinions are my own.

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This cracks me up!

This has to be the best squirrel feeder ever!  When he pops his head into it to eat he won’t even realize how hilarious he looks!  $15


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Hi, my name is Katy and I’m a Tom’s addict.

I keep finding great deals on Tom’s right now….and I keep finding super cute Tom’s that I totally HAVE to have.  Plus, they are offering free shipping right now.  Basically I’m set for life when it comes to Tom’s.  I don’t even have to tell you how comfy they are…or how cute they are.  How about I tell you about the deals first?

  • For new customers – Click here to get $20 off your first order
  • Use code TOMSPREHOLIDAY to get $10 off a $100 order
  • Use code TOMSWINTER5 to get $5 off a $25 order

Now let’s look at some of the cute Tom’s!



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My Top 5 Fall Faves (and a great deal on Tom’s)

I LOVE Fall!  I really do…the cool mornings, the bright sunny afternoons and the beautiful colors.  It puts me in the best mood.  Here are my top 5 Fall Faves:

  1. Anything that smells like pumpkin!  Right now I’m burning the Glad Pumpkin Spice Wax Melts in my burner.   They totally smell like Fall. tan
  2. Fleece lined shoes.  I ordered these fleece lined Tom’s and have been wearing them like slippers around the house.  They are so warm and cozy.  Right now you can get $20 off your Tom’s order & free shipping!  Just click here to get the deal. tan
  3. Keurig Apple Cider.  This tastes like Fall/Winter in a mug.  I love it and will drink it until February!  tan
  4. My Smart Candles.  I just reset all of the timers on my battery operated candles to accommodate the shorter days.  I like the cozy feeling of my candles coming on as the sun sets for the day.
  5. Orange.  I am just in love with orange this season.  I love it with Navy and have been wearing it like crazy.  It’s a great Fall color.

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I {heart} sweaters

I love sweaters…and sweater weather is just around the corner!  I also love sweaters that you don’t necessarily wear.  I have awesome sweater throw pillows that I put on my couch in the Winter.  I came across this sweater lampshade and instantly fell in love!  It’s on sale right now at The Land of Nod for $50. OH MY GOSH!


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I came across this Marc Jacobs Army Watch and fell in love.  Isn’t it beautiful?  The price tag isn’t bad either – $200.  To bad it is sold out at the moment.  Crossing my fingers that they have some more available in time for Christmas!


This one is pretty great too…and it’s in stock.  Sorry the picture is so small…hope you aren’t viewing this on your phone – lol.


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$3 Genius Product Alert!

It never fails, my keys always drop to the deep dark bottom of my purse.  They are such a pain to get out,  and lets not even talk about the momentary panic attack that I have lost my keys FOREVER.  This nifty little gadget keeps your keys right where you want them – at the top of your bag.  Pretty genius for only $3, right?


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Great Deal on Toms!

Through tomorrow you can get $10 off a pair of Toms on the Tom’s website by using the code THANKYOU13.  You will also get free shipping!  This is a really good deal on Toms – it is really hard to find them on sale.  Just click here to find the pair for you.  I have already started Christmas shopping – can you believe it?!  Of course I had to pick out a pair for myself too 🙂


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A Penny For Your Thoughts (or for your loafers)?

I was in the Bass store the other day with Maddie and she was immediately drawn to the Penny Loafers.  I proceeded to go on and on about my Bass Penny Loafers that I used to wear back in the 80’s.  She thought it was cool that I actually kept a dime in each loafer instead of a penny.  This way I always had 20 cents handy to make a call at a pay phone.  I think she was more fascinated that I actually used pay phones.

Anyway….have you seen the new Penny Loafers?  They are amazing!!  You can pretty much get them in any color and even some really great patterns.  OH MY GOSH!!




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Remember when I wrote about my FitBit Flex here?  Yesterday I received an email from FitBit telling me that I had walked/ran 250 miles.  It cracked me up because it made me feel a little bit like Forest Gump.  Then I started thinking about where I would be right now if I just started walking….and continued to walk…..

Anyway, I really do love my little FitFlex.  It has motivated me so much the last few months.  If you have one, add me as a friend!


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