Mix Up Your Lips!

We go through a lot of ChapStick in this house.  We have tons of different flavors and switch out all of the time.  I was super excited when I found out about the newest addition to the ChapStick family…. ChapStick® MixStix™It is a really cool  two-sided lip balm that offers one flavor on each side to be worn alone or together  – making a third unique flavor combo. MixStix™ is available in three refreshing flavor combinations – Lemon Berry Sorbet, Strawberry Banana Smoothie and Green Apple Caramel.

My family tried all three flavors and loved the Lemon Berry Sorbet the best – it just seemed to feel like you were putting Summer on your lips.  I love the double sided tube…it gives me all sorts of options – and who doesn’t like options?


Its just like the original ChapStick and contains 11 moisturizers, including ingredients like Aloe to keep lips deliciously soft and smooth for eight hours of continuous moisturization.

You can get your own sweet-smelling hydrated pucker beginning June 5th exclusively at Walgreens nationwide. Keep your lips healthy and happy with your own flavor combination this season and indulge your lips by creating your own fun with your own MixStix™ samples!


Disclosure: “The ChapStick® product, information and gift have been provided by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare.”



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Loving My Fitbit Flex!

I am always looking for something to motivate me to move more.  The FitBit Flex has been the perfect motivation!  It is a little bracelet that I wear all of the time (even in the shower) to track my steps, calorie burn, sleep, activity, weight,  and even my food.  It syncs with both my computer and my iPhone.  I love it because it shows how many steps I have taken in real time.  My goal is 10,000 steps per day and I have been doing a pretty good job of meeting that goal.

It is really handy when running or walking because it also tracks my mileage.  It saves me the trouble of putting on my Garmin every time I head out for a run. It was really fun to have on when we were out of town last week…do you ever wonder how much you walk when you are sight seeing?  It was A LOT!

It will help you reach a certain goal weight by telling you how many calories you can have each day based on your activity and how much you want to lose.

It also tracks my sleep cycles.  It lets me know how long I slept and how many times I wake up each night (which is really interesting).

The best part about the Fitbit is that you don’t have to plug it into anything to sync up.  It uses the Bluetooth feature on your phone to sync or syncs to you computer automatically when you are close to it.  You do need to charge it about once every 5 days.

I purchased my Fitbit Flex at Target for about $100.  They are pretty hard to find right now because the demand for them is so high.  I have been using it for about a month now, and love it.

Are you using the Fitbit?  If so, add me as a friend…we can take our steps together!


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Become a Maven!

My daughter Maddie recently discovered an awesome monthly beauty subscription program called Julep. Julep has you take a quiz to discover your style, and then you become a Maven and can get personalized beauty products sent to you each month!

And the best part? Your first box is free! Just use the code FREEBOX and all you have to do is pay the $3.99 shipping! I got two nail polish colors and a hand scrub in my first box and for only $3.99, it’s an awesome deal.

If you refer your friends, you can earn Jules, which you can use towards free products and free boxes. If you’re going to take advantage of the free box promotion, make sure you enter Maddie’s Julep code (18056038) into the referral box when you sign up for your account!

Trust me, you’ll definitely love Julep and all of the customized beauty boxes you get each month!

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Pure Madness

It’s CRAZY chocolate love!  Really, it is.  Thanks to BzzAgent I received some Pure Madness Chocolates to try out…and I wasn’t disappointed.  This stuff is made with raw chocolate imported from Belgium combined with classic and crazy flavors.  The box of Truffles not only looks like a piece of art, it tastes so decadent.  It makes me feel fancy eating it!

The end of the year is coming fast…and you need some really great ideas for teacher gifts, or how about Mother’s Day?  Well, here is your really good idea…a box of Pure Madness Chocolate Truffles.  It comes filled with traditional flavor combinations like Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate, and Vanilla.  It also includes some very inventive flavors like Chili Lime, Orange Kumquat, and Green Apple.  It is so beautiful that it will make anyone feel special.


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Guilt Free Cake!

Guess what?  I can have my cake and eat it too…without gaining a pound!  Well, not the kind of cake that you are thinking of.  I’ve been using the new limited-edition ChapStick® Cupcake Creations.  They come in two amazing flavors – decadent Velvet Cupcake and mouth-watering Cake Batter.  They leave my lips deliciously sweet and scented just like my favorite dessert…cake!

My girls absolutely love them.  Their favorite flavor is Cake Batter.  I like them both.  Either way, you can enjoy the party all day long 🙂  Who doesn’t want their lips to smell like cake?

They make a perfect little gift for a special Birthday someone.  In fact, ChapStick® Cupcake Creations feature a convenient gift tag on the back of each package.  The perfect way to celebrate.

You have to hurry…they are only available until March 31st exclusively at Wal-Mart, CVS and Walgreens nationwide.


The ChapStick® product, information and gift have been provided by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare

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Cafe Escapes Saved The Day!

I was knocked out with a terrible sore throat for a few days.  It was awful!  I couldn’t eat at all and could barely drink anything (the only silver lining is that I lost 3 pounds!).  I had to rely on any hot drink that I could find for about three days.  Of course I turned to my Keurig.  Thankfully, BzzAgent had just sent me some samples of the new Cafe Escapes k-cups to try for a campaign.

Here are the flavors that I received:

  • Chai Latte: An extraordinary taste of black tea and exotic spices.
  • Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa: Milk chocolate creaminess, the way hot cocoa was meant to be
  • Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa: Deeply decadent, decidedly dark, definitely delicious
  • Café Mocha: A blissful balance of cocoa and coffee
  • Café Vanilla: A tantalizing cup of the world’s favorite flavor
  • Café Caramel: Buttery rich, silky smooth, captivatingly caramelly

My hands down favorite was the Cafe Caramel.  It was awesome!  I felt like someone had run to Starbuck’s for me…it was that good.  My second favorite was the Chai Latte.  Perfect for my sore throat.

They are all delicious and under 70 calories (bonus!).  Look for them in your grocery store or order them online…you will be so happy that you did.

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Lifting My Spirits

It has been a rough week around here.  We had a lot of annoying little problems to deal with and then the big one hit on Friday afternoon…a car accident.  It was a  pretty bad one and shook us up.  Thankfully, we are not hurt and it wasn’t our fault.  Now we have the chore of cleaning up the mess caused by someone in a hurry running a red light.

There are a few things that I always turn to to help lift my spirits.  One of them is fragrance.  It really makes me feel better when I am surrounded by great smells.  As a BzzAgent, I had the opportunity to try the Glade Expressions Collection – this was the perfect campaign for me.  I picked up the Oil Diffuser starter kit in the pineapple & mangosteen scent at my grocery store and hurried home to set it up.  Immediately when I saw the bamboo holder for the diffuser I was really pleased.  It looked like something that would fit right into my decor.  And then I smelled it…it was amazing!  I don’t even know what a mangosteen is, but it sure smells like something from a tropical island.  The perfect scent for these cold damp days that we have been having.  It gives me a glimmer of hope for Spring.  My whole family room smells so good, and I have received so many compliments from people just walking in the door of my house.  It really does lift my spirits.  One of the things that I love the most about it is the fact that I don’t have to plug it in or put batteries in it.  Just set it up and it will last for 30 days.  After that, I just have to refill it.  Easy, right?  Another great feature is that there is nothing to spill.  Perfect for a house full of dogs and kids.

Thank you Glade for helping lift my spirits…with a glimmer of hope for the great Spring weather to come!

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ChapStick To The Rescue!

I’m back from a busy weekend in Savannah (what a great place to visit!)…we spent much of the time sitting in the blustery wind at a soccer tournament.  I was so wind burnt and my lips were so chapped!  Luckily I had my trusty tube of ChapStick® Sport Ready with me.  Have you tried this stuff?  It’s awesome!  Not only does it keep my lips moisturized, it also has an SPF of 30 – so they don’t get burnt.  My favorite part of the new Sport Ready is that it has a really cool clip on it.  I keep mine attached to my tennis bag.  That way I don’t have to dig around for it in my bag.  It was truly a life saver this weekend.

When I’m not outside I like to use the ChapStick® Raspberry Crème.  it feels like a treat for my lips!  Made with 10 moisturizing ingredients and a luscious fruity flavor, my lips feel soft and silky.  It also has an 15 SPF.  It smell so good!  I try to keep tubes of ChapStick everywhere.  In my car, by my bed, in my gym & tennis bag.  I have them everywhere this time of year!  You can visit the ChapStick Facebook page for more info.

Disclosure:The ChapStick® product, information and gift have been provided by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare.

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We Were Sweet Smart!

I can’t believe a month has already passed since my family took the Listerine Sweet Smart Challenge.  You can read about it here.  Basically, we took on the challenge to improve our oral health during the month of October.  We were trying to develop great oral habits.  Here is what our goals were:

  • Brush at least 2 times a day for at least 2 minutes each time.
  • Floss daily.
  • Rinse 2 times a day with a post brushing mouth rinse for one minute.  This is the magic combo!  A mouth rinse such as Listerine Smart Rinse provides 12 hours of cavity protection.  And you thought it was only for fresh breath, right?    This is a very important step that most adults and children skip.

How did we do?  Awesome!  In fact, my kids did better than the adults.  They both said after a few weeks that they could really notice a difference.  Maddie said that her gums didn’t bleed anymore when she flossed – yay!  I actually learned in my briefing session with Listerine that teeth will stop bleeding when you floss after about 5 days of regular flossing.  This was news to me…usually I stop after a few days because I feel like I need to give my teeth a break.  But we kept on flossing and the bleeding stopped!

The whole family enjoyed using the Listerine rinse twice a day.  It really makes your teeth feel squeaky clean!  This is one habit that we are going to stick to!

Give it a try…challenge yourself to make some great changes in your oral habits.  I know you won’t regret it!


Disclosure:   I received products from Jonson & Johnson Healthcare Products Division of McNEIL-PPC, Inc. and The Motherhood as part of my participation in the LISTERINE SMART RINSE Sweet Smart Challenge.  All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own.



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Mission Accepted!

As a member of Smiley360 I get to try out new products and let them know what I think about them.  If I really like a product I will tell my friends and family.  My new mission is the Bic Mark-It Permanent Markers project.  They sent me a box with the most amazing package of markers I have ever seen in it!  There are tons of colors…and it makes me so happy 🙂  There are 7 different shades of green.  Awesome, right?  36 Markers total.  I’m in heaven.  My girls were so excited…they can’t wait to use them on their school projects.  Me, I’m going to get my craft on with them.  Have you seen these in the store yet?

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