Healthy Choice Baked Entrees Review

Remember last week when I said that I was going to get creative with my lunch?  I have been having such a great time trying out all kinds of new things to pack in my lunch.  One of my favorites have been the Healthy Choice Baked Entrees.

I love them for lots of reasons, but mostly because they are crazy delicious and come in so many great recipes!  My all time favorite is the Chicken Enchilada Bake.  This dish is a full-flavored  chicken enchilada over cilantro rice and topped with corn, black beans and a queso sauce.  When you peel the film off the top after cooking it the smell of cilantro just hits you in the face!  It’s so fragrant and fresh.  No way does it taste like a freezer meal to me.


You can really tell that Healthy Choice Baked Entrees combine wholesome, quality ingredients to each of their dishes.  This results in fresh, baked-from-the-oven taste straight from the microwave.

There 10 great recipes to choose from.  My goal is to try them all!  My second favorite is the Italian Sausage Pasta Bake.  It combines fresh made whole grain rotini pasta paired with juicy Italian sausage, tossed in a rich garlic marinara with bubbling mozzarella cheese.  It is awesome!  I swear I want to lick the bowl after finishing it (and maybe I did…).  This doesn’t feel at all like you are eating healthy.  It’s so rich and satisfying.  If this is what eating healthy tastes like, I’m hooked!


I have really enjoyed trying to spice up my brown bag lunch for the last few weeks.  I have learned that not only is it a treat to pack a Healthy Choice meal, it’s also very good for me.  I don’t have to worry about counting calories or protein.  They have done all of the work for me.


Disclosure: This post is brought to you by ConAgra Foods.  I’ve been compensated for my time; however, as always opinions and thoughts are my own.



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My Top 5 Fall Faves (and a great deal on Tom’s)

I LOVE Fall!  I really do…the cool mornings, the bright sunny afternoons and the beautiful colors.  It puts me in the best mood.  Here are my top 5 Fall Faves:

  1. Anything that smells like pumpkin!  Right now I’m burning the Glad Pumpkin Spice Wax Melts in my burner.   They totally smell like Fall. tan
  2. Fleece lined shoes.  I ordered these fleece lined Tom’s and have been wearing them like slippers around the house.  They are so warm and cozy.  Right now you can get $20 off your Tom’s order & free shipping!  Just click here to get the deal. tan
  3. Keurig Apple Cider.  This tastes like Fall/Winter in a mug.  I love it and will drink it until February!  tan
  4. My Smart Candles.  I just reset all of the timers on my battery operated candles to accommodate the shorter days.  I like the cozy feeling of my candles coming on as the sun sets for the day.
  5. Orange.  I am just in love with orange this season.  I love it with Navy and have been wearing it like crazy.  It’s a great Fall color.

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Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers

I have been working a lot lately.  Usually I take a typical brown bag lunch to work…a sandwich, some chips…you know, the usual.  I really wanted to mix it up a little bit and take something that I would actually enjoy eating.  I had the opportunity to try the Cafe Steamers line by Healthy Choice and it certainly was more exciting than my boring lunch that I usually bring. If you would like to try it out for yourself, click here to get a great coupon.


The hardest part was trying to pick which Cafe Steamer to buy.  They have so many great choices!  I decided on the Asian Inspired Kung Pao Chicken and the Grilled Chicken Pesto with vegetables.  They were both awesome!  At first I thought it would be annoying to have to cook something in the microwave at work, but it couldn’t have been easier.  You just take it out of the box and stick it in the microwave for around 4 minutes.  No film to peel back, no poking holes in the top, and no changing the power setting stirring  half way through cooking.  Easy. Just the way I like it!

After it is done cooking the sauce is in the bottom of of the bowl and the chicken & other ingredients are on the top in a colander type bowl.  Just lift out the colander, dump the stuff into the bowl underneath, stir with the sauce that was in the bottom of the bowl that was steaming your food.  It’s pretty cool the way it steams your food.  It really makes it taste fresh.  The veggies were so crisp, it was so good!

My Kung Pao Chicken had 21g of whole grain, 17g of Protein, and was only 290 calories total.  I’m sure my old standby brown bag lunch pales in comparison.  I’m hooked!  Not only did it save me time in the morning by not having to pack a lunch, the Cafe Steamers are better for me than what I had been eating for lunch.  It’s really a no brainer…I’m packing Healthy Choice from now on!

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by ConAgra Foods.  I’ve been compensated for my time; however, as always opinions and thoughts are my own.


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Great Deal on Toms!

Through tomorrow you can get $10 off a pair of Toms on the Tom’s website by using the code THANKYOU13.  You will also get free shipping!  This is a really good deal on Toms – it is really hard to find them on sale.  Just click here to find the pair for you.  I have already started Christmas shopping – can you believe it?!  Of course I had to pick out a pair for myself too 🙂


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This Will Blow Your Mind!

I had the opportunity to try out Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt and was blown away!  I thought it was going to be an okay snack that might take the edge off of my craving for a big bowl of ice cream.  I mean, at 100 calories and 4 grams of protein per serving how good could it be?  WRONG!  This stuff was amazing, and I now find myself craving Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt instead of  my usual big bowl of ice cream.  Want to try it for yourself?  Download a coupon for $1.00 off here!


The texture is what really makes if for me.  It is so creamy and smooth.  It feels like I am eating something luxurious and expensive.  Riley and I like to set it out on the counter for about 5 minutes before we eat it – this takes the texture to another level!

Each cup of Healthy Choice Frozen Yogurt is made with real nonfat milk, yogurt cultures and dairy protein to create what is in my opinion the perfect snack.  In fact, the Healthy Choice Greek Yogurt Dark Fudge Swirl was the winner of the Shape Magazine 2013 Snack Awards “Best Night Bite” award.  Way to go Dark Fudge Swirl!

There are 5 flavors to choose from:  Dark Fudge Swirl (Riley’s favorite), Strawberry (my personal favorite), Vanilla, Raspberry, and Blueberry.  I haven’t found the Blueberry or Raspberry in my Publix yet.  I keep checking every week.

In each box you get 4 little cups of frozen yogurt that are 100 calories each.  Those little cups really do satisfy all of my cravings.  They are so convenient too…no scooping, over filling your bowl or dirtying dishes.  Just grab a spoon and enjoy!

I know you will really love this stuff…just like we did.  Click here to download a $1.00 off coupon to try it for yourself.


Disclosure: This post is brought to you by ConAgra Foods.  I’ve been compensated for my time; however, as always opinions and thoughts are my own.


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Become a Maven!

My daughter Maddie recently discovered an awesome monthly beauty subscription program called Julep. Julep has you take a quiz to discover your style, and then you become a Maven and can get personalized beauty products sent to you each month!

And the best part? Your first box is free! Just use the code FREEBOX and all you have to do is pay the $3.99 shipping! I got two nail polish colors and a hand scrub in my first box and for only $3.99, it’s an awesome deal.

If you refer your friends, you can earn Jules, which you can use towards free products and free boxes. If you’re going to take advantage of the free box promotion, make sure you enter Maddie’s Julep code (18056038) into the referral box when you sign up for your account!

Trust me, you’ll definitely love Julep and all of the customized beauty boxes you get each month!

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Feels Like a Splurge…but it wasn’t!

I love those daily deal sites!  I found the best deal on a purse from a great little company that I hadn’t heard of.  The deal is either buy a Plum District Certificate for $30 and get $60 worth of product at Emilie M. Accessories or spend $40 to get $80 to spend at Emilie M’s.  Pretty good right?  Click here to go to Plum District – then search deals under the EVERYWHERE category.  Hurry the deal is good through tomorrow!  If you don’t want to buy a Plum District Deal I can send you a code to get $15 off of a bag.  Just comment below and I will have an email sent to you.

They have great handbags at really great prices.  There are so many sizes, styles and colors to choose from.  Click here to see all of the available bags.  The purses range from $44 – $80.  I chose the Nicole Double Shoulder Bag in Pumpkin Saffiano.  It only cost me $15 total including shipping & handling!!  Whoot!

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Cereal & Muffins…collide!

Betty Crocker has created a great morning mash up.  They have turned some of their favorite cereal flavors into muffin mixes!  How cool is that? New Betty Crocker® Cereal Muffin Mixes are inspired by Big G cereal favorites Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cocoa Puffs, and Reese’s Puffs, and are sure to be a fun way to re-mix your morning meal routine.

My Blog Spark sent me a few boxes and we didn’t waste any time trying them out.  My absolute favorite was the Reese’s Puffs muffin (I have a weakness for chocolate & peanut butter together).  They have this really yummy struesel topping that makes them crunchy on the top.  They were all very good – I mean, who doesn’t go cocoa for Cocoa Puffs, right?

Want to try them out for yourself?  Click here for a coupon good for $.80 off a box.  The hard part will be deciding which box to try first!

Here’s my question to you…if you could turn your favorite Betty Crocker cereal  into a muffin, what would it be?  I would love to try a Golden Grahams muffin…


Disclosure: The product,  information, and additional sample have been provided by Betty Crocker through MyBlogSpark.


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Fab Friday Find – and discount code for you!

You know how much I love monograms.  You know how much I love a great bargain. I found the most amazing monogrammed necklace that will cost you less than $15!  You can even customize the color of the wire that she uses to make your necklace.  I had one made for Maddie (shhhh…don’t tell her) that she is going to LOVE!  It came within a few days of ordering it, and I was so thrilled when it arrived.  It is gorgeous…super gorgeous.  This is an awesome gift idea – for your sister, your secret pal, your bestie…who wouldn’t want a monogrammed necklace?  The best part is that it won’t break your piggy bank – you can get one for everyone on your list this year.  Use coupon code CUSTIETHX10 to get an extra 10% off of your order 🙂  Look how pretty she is…

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Food Shopping

I scored the awesome Plum District deal yesterday for the Food Network store.  I have never shopped there before and was very impressed!  They have some great clearance deals and if you use coupon code C96972 you will get free shipping!  Here are some of the great deals I found..

A microwave pasta cooker

Le Creuset’s Stoneware for only $29.99…I love the kiwi green color

A Rachael Ray shirt for only $3.99 

A mini cheese cleaver for only $11.99


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