Who Am I?

I am the mother of two really stylish girls, the wife of a sometimes style challenged husband (but he is really handy ~ love you Mike), and the owner of two beautiful dogs. I love the thrill of finding fun, cheap, or just plain silly stuff – and I love sharing what I find!


  1. Maddie replied:

    Thank you for saying that Riley and I are stylish!

    (This is also from Ri Pie too!)

  2. katyshops replied:

    Maddie & Riley….you guys rock!!!

  3. Michelle Bachman replied:

    I will definitely check out some of these fine ideas.

  4. DONNA replied:


  5. katyshops replied:

    You asked…you shall receive! I will be posting lots of cute pet items soon.

  6. Patrice replied:


    This is a really neat site with a lot of cool ideas!!!

  7. Pinkie Pud'n replied:

    Tx for all the great ideas. You should be very proud of yourself. Aren’t all men usually stylish challenged? Mike, your not alone. But I must say my hubby, who is a professional musician, has style. Let me know if you need some tips…

  8. katyshops replied:

    Thanks Pinkie (my favorite color!) I might have to steer him your way.

  9. Barbara replied:

    Katy: I live in the Athens area and work near Gwinnett Place Mall. I have searched and searched for the Mrs. Miers cleaning supplies but withouot success. Can you tell me where I can find them. I do not the Atlanta area very well so any easy to get to places will be most appreciated.


  10. katyshops replied:


    I just found them at Cost-Plus World Market at the Mall of Georgia – I hope that is close to you!!!

    • Seda replied:

      forever21 has some raelly neat vintage things going around right now.check them out.

  11. Belle replied:

    Hey, stranger! It has been a really long time!!! I would love to hear from ya. Love your blog.

  12. Patrice replied:


    I heard your report yesterday on Bath Junkie. I am so glad that you and your girls had a good time. Let me know if you are going to do a party with us. We would love to have your girls be a part of the V.I.B. Take care

  13. Traci Whittier replied:

    I just saw your website and it is great! I actually bought 2 of the Brugo coffe mugs! Wish I still lived in Atlanta to hear your show!

  14. Deborah Shearer replied:

    Hi Katy,
    Very cute site and good job! We are happy that you enjoy some of our products at Organize.com. Drop me a note sometime.
    My best,

    Vice-President of Marketing

  15. Alicia Rockmore replied:

    Thanks for the nice words about Life.doc. It is a great gift for grads.
    All the best

  16. Paige replied:

    Hi there, Thank you for putting my needlepoint ballet flats on your blog. How did you find me? I have many preppy products including monograms. Ladies love my golf headcovers too. I would love for you to feature more of my products. Let me know if you would like a pair of ballet flats too! I also have some new monogram pillows that will be on my web site soon. http://www.bypaige.com


  17. Labrador Friends replied:


    This is a great idea.

    Labrador Friends of the South, a Labrador Rescue gets a lot of dogs from shelters that are strays. It is such a great idea to have all that info in one place and on the dog. For the people that really care to get there dogs back, this would help that happen. Even though most of the dogs that are turned into animal control have no collar and/or not microchip.

    We get a lot of calls from people they found a lab somewhere across GA and can’t find the owner. This is another piece of info that can help the dog finds it family again.

    I know, I will be buying them for my Personal Labs.

    If you guys know anyone interested in getting a Labrador please send them our way.

    Labrador Friends of the South was listed in the Top 5 Rescues to Adopt from in the Atlanta Mag June 2007 Issue.

    If you know anyone that would like to donate, foster or volunteer have them visit our site.

    Thanks from all of us at,
    Labrador Friends of the South, Inc.

  18. Jayne Rogers replied:

    Hey Katy
    I saw your monogram on the back of your car window at church today. Where in the world did you find that? I have to have one, too!! I love all things monogrammed.
    Thanks for a fun website.

  19. katyshops replied:

    The cute monogram on the back of my car is from my friends at the pink monogram! http://www.thepinkmonogram.com …everyone should have a monogrammed car!

  20. Romeo & Jewels replied:

    Thanks so much for including a link to my coral necklace! 🙂 I love your blog, you find such cool things!


  21. Andrea replied:


    Living in Comfort would like to inform you that we have a new and informative blog, http://www.livingincomfort.com/blog/. Our “Living Every Day In Comfort” blog covers a wide variety of products within the Home and Garden section including Kitchen, Sleep Store and Mattresses, Baby and Kids, Allergy Relief and Outdoor products.

    Living in Comfort also offers a New Products RSS feed, where new products available are listed. You may subscribe to the new products feed at http://www.livingincomfort.com/livingincomfort-new-products.html.

    Please feel free to add your comments and email suggestions. Hope you enjoy!!!!

    Thank you,

  22. Daria replied:

    I listen to you every thursday morning and look forward to hearing about your finds.

    the onesole is an awesome idea. I travel alot and hate paking all of my shoes and now I won’t have to.

    keep up the good work and I look forward to hearing your next great idea.


    Daria Itter-Matthews

  23. Michelle Bachman replied:

    There is a store in downtown Acworth that sells the onesole shoe. I forget the name of it but it is close to the Teacup Cottage.

  24. katyshops replied:

    The name of the store is Southern Expressions!

  25. GoGolfer replied:

    Hello Everyone,

    I am a golfer myself and I like to play whenever I get a chance.
    A short while ago, a very good friend of mine told me about a great golfing equipment and accessories website that has discounted prices on all their products, same day shipping in most cases and there is no state sales tax, they are paying that.
    So if any golfer here is ready to save some money on quality products at highly discounted prices, you might want to check out their site at; http://hoffmangolf.com

  26. Angela replied:

    Here is another freebie site…not sure if you used this one before:


  27. Megan McGarvey replied:

    Yes, we know another monogram website…but we couldn’t help ourselves! We closed our brick and mortar store in NJ last year when one of us had a surprise new edition. It took us a while, but we finally got our e-commerce site up and running.

    We wanted to suggest our monogrammed mules, Tag-its!, monogrammed travel mugs and embroidered napkin clips to you. (Along with all of our other great embroidered monogrammed products-our baby gifts are big hits!) Please let readers know they can enter coupon code: KATY at checkout to receive 20% off their entire order from now until 8/31/07.
    Thank you!

  28. jane lorenzini replied:

    would love to be a part of your snappy blog!
    ‘plain jane’ (pjcarrot.com) is a new site for paper lovers who want fresh designs for their personalized stationery and invitations. check out the ‘tiny tale’ for each design.
    i’m delighted to customize orders if i can – just doubled up a pirate design for a mom of 3-year-old identical twins, and created red hair on a design for her 6-year-old son. i love making life easier for moms, brides and busy gals! (check out my fun ‘ms. golf’ design in the ‘his & hers’ section.)
    thanks, katy! jane

  29. Amanda replied:


    Just wanted to let you know that I love listening to you every Thursday on Kicks. Your site is great, you seem to find everything anyone could need or want. Thanks again.

  30. Dean replied:


    Do you have any food suggestions for diabetics?

  31. katyshops replied:

    I will look into food for diabetics…Do any other readers have any suggestions for Dean?

  32. Allison replied:

    This is for any southern girl. It’s a great site and wonderful books for sale. I love your show and website. Thanks for the great ideas.

  33. Alison Monahan replied:

    I love your website and advice. Just wanted to let you know about a great sale that is coming up. It’s a new seasonal concept (similar to the childrens sales, but it’s for adult items) we are introducing to Atlanta. Please check it out and let me know what you think. I’d love to hear you mention it on your show (which I listen to every wednesday and love)! Please let me know if you’d like to talk more about it after checking out our web site! Simplyconsignment.com

  34. Chea replied:

    Just thought you would want to know that I was interested in the watch you “profiled” today on the radio – Suunto X9i . . . went to their website. Was considering purchasing for my hubby as a Christmas gift and questioned them about return policy. They were not very nice in the on-line chat I had with them. Actually told me NOT TO PURCHASE unless I was SURE that my husband would like it. So essentially turning away a customer about to spend $500. Not very customer oriented. Won’t purchase from them.

  35. Cheryl replied:

    Hi Katy.
    “L” said I should let you know how great I think Electra’s Monograms is/are. The owner of the company answered the phone when I called to place an order and we had a great chat. I bought a monogram for my mailbox and just love it. The only problem is my mailbox needs a coat of paint before I put such a gorgeous initial on it. I am going to revisit the web site and see what else I can’t live without.

  36. teachermom007 replied:

    Do you have any good places to look for milestone birthday gifts, like for 30, 40? It’s time for some big bdays for my friends, and we’d love suggestions on cool gifts that they’ll like AND that they might want to keep.
    BTW, just got turned on to your blog–what are you in training for?

  37. Cathy replied:

    This morning on Kicks you mentioned chocolate holiday cards, but I don’t see them on your site. Will you remind me where you ordered them? I love your site and your ideas! Thanks.

  38. katyshops replied:

    Hey Cathy…I was referring to the candy bar wrappers. I had mine printed up just like holiday cards…we will be giving them out just like we would pass out holiday cards.

  39. Kim replied:


    My daughter and I listen to you every Thursday morning on the way to school and work. We love what you do. Keep up the wonderful work.

  40. katyshops replied:

    Awwww…thanks for listening Kim!! You made my day 🙂

  41. Karen replied:

    Hi Katy,

    You have an absolutely fabulous blog! I don’t know i you ever take a look at websites but I really think ours is pretty unique. If you have a minute – let me know if you think it would be of interest to your readers.

    Thanks so much Katy!

    Karen Cherniack

  42. April replied:

    Love your site Katy!! I pass many a slow day at work surfing your site and I can hardly wait for Wednesdays so I can check out the freebies!!! I got the best toboggan from one of your free links!! Thanks so much and keep up the good work!!!

  43. Peggy Thayer replied:

    Katy, I wanted to thank you for buying and telling your readers about our product, MyVitalFiles! I’m thrilled that you liked the file system. We received some orders as a result of your posting! If you have any feedback, I’d love to hear it! Thanks again!

  44. Lisa replied:

    I love your blog! A lot of your suggestions went under the tree this year at my house for family and friends(and some for me). I was wondering what happened to Radio Thursdays though?

  45. Deena replied:

    What happened to Kicks on Thursday morning?

  46. Margo replied:

    Just wanted to say thanks for putting one of my candles on your site!!

    Owner + Candlemaker

  47. pam replied:

    I have a beaded jewlery business and would love to send you a piece from my collection, could I get your address please? Thanks…Pam

  48. bibomedia replied:


  49. Barbara replied:

    Katy: Have you talked to Kristen or do you know where we can email her just to check on her and let her know we care and how much we miss her.


  50. Bluej replied:

    I like Katy!

  51. Jennifer replied:

    Katy, have you checked out http://www.thegrocerygame.com? very cool site!!

  52. Cool Day Planner replied:

    Hi Katy, I know you love fun and silly stuff, so, I thought you might like to check out The Bubble Planner (http://www.bubbleplanner.com). Since most of our customers are women, it would definitely be a great fit for your readers (and listeners).

    Be Blessed.


  53. Donna replied:

    Hi Katy

    I always listened to you on Kicks but just recently visited your website. We must be neighbors, I live in the Acworth-Kennesaw Area. I just wanted to thanks for your great shopping finds and of course the freebies. I signed up as a bzzagent and just recently got invented to my first campaign. I sooooo excited.

    Thanks Again

  54. Stacy replied:

    Katy, Thanks for coming to sipsnstrokes. We have a special $5 discount off of the classes for the May calendar.

    Thanks for visiting,


  55. Monica replied:

    Hi Katy
    Just dropped by your site to see what is up. Have not spoken to you in a while. Things are going great with the Monogrammed Clogs and sandals in Greenville!! Have you pulled out your sandals this year! just wanted to say hi! I try and stop by and read every once in a while. Headed your way to Atlanta in July for market!
    Busy mom and Monogram Queen
    tons of new stuff on my site for those monogram got to haves!!

  56. thePreppyPrincess replied:

    Hi Katy,
    Love what you do! Of course, you and all your friends are always invited to stop by http://www.PreppyPrincess.com and see the newest goodies. Peek at the great totes, original design reversible placemats and napkins, stylish aprons and more!
    We’ll have a tall glass of sweet tea waiting for you!
    Have fun,
    The Preppy Princess

  57. Michelle replied:

    Katy, I got my Peachtree number yesterday… group 9.


  58. Karla replied:

    Hi neighbor! Great website! I found your card in my wallet and signed on… I’ve been browsing all morning.. and signing up for the freebies…. I have to stop by to see what doormat you purchased (for shizzle!) LOL … and yes, her husband Mike is very handy and helpful – and like a good neighbor, Katy willfully lends him out to assist with everything that breaks down at my house – especially the pipes while I was out of the country!!! thanks!!!

  59. faye replied:

    HI Katy! I have a question for you: I am looking for
    garden.in.a.bag to sell wholesale as a fundraiser item for our P.T.A. I can only find it retail. Any ideas? Thanks a million,
    the new P.T.A. prez
    (trying to get our school to go fresh and healthy)

  60. katyshops replied:

    I found it for you Faye (or should I say Madam President) …it is from Potting Shed Creations. They are the wholesaler for the Garden in a Bag. What a great “green” idea for a fundraiser!

  61. maureen hotchkiss replied:

    Finally…we’ve got our fun NEW kids baking kits all “wrapped” up in time for the holidays. Please check them out and let us know what you think?
    http://www.kidscentralkitchen.com and click on Gift Ideas. They offer a unique alternative to all those toys, toys, toys… Great for the mind and body!
    As always, thank you for your support of Kids Central Kitchen!

  62. Laura Keith replied:


    My name is Laura
    I recently visited http://katy-shops.com/2008/04/10/ page
    and I will like to suggest a FREE useful resource to be added on your site.

    Title: CoreIndex.com
    URL: http://www.coreindex.com/
    Description : A free businesses platform and yellow pages directory helping you to find customers, partners
    among importers, exporters, traders and distributors.

    Thank you very much,
    Ms. Laura Keith

  63. Jim replied:

    Doing some research and came across your site, very nice, already got some gift ideas. Glad you like the Shortcut it’s a niffty trimming tool. My wife is also on a repaint mission and she also likes the shortcut brush. Another tool from Wooster that she uses is the Pelican Pail. It’s a pail used for trim work, you can brush or roll out of it using a trim roller. There is a magnet embedded into the construction of the pail that will hold your brush while you use the roller. The best feature of all according to my wife is it has liners so you can use multiple colors and clean up is a breeze.

    Product Designer
    The Wooster Brush Company

  64. mj replied:

    Hi – just wanted to leave a message about the better Homes and Gardens wamers and wax bars.. I have contacted the company – better homes and gardens only promotes these products – they are not made by better homes and gardens – they are actually made by a company called scentsational – another direct selling company – that eventually went public. I contacted scentsational by email and they refused to give me the ingredience of their scents. also the warmers burn very hot and you can not pick them up or move them – that is how hot it is.. I have known a few people that have be burnt by the hot wax..

    • katyshops replied:

      Wow! Thank you for the heads up!

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