Draftmark. It’s what’s on tap.

Thanks to BzzAgent, I have had the opportunity to try the new Draftmark Tap System.  It is an adorable little keg system that fits right into my refrigerator.  The man cave has never looked so inviting!  Really, is there anything better than cold, fresh draught beer poured straight from the personal tap system in your own fridge?

It’s so easy to use.  Just place the home draught system in your fridge, insert a 3.8 liter (128 oz.) refill bottle of great-tasting varieties like Budweiser, Shock Top Belgian White, Goose Island Honker’s Ale, Goose Island IPA or Bass Pale Ale and always have a chilled, relaxed evening on tap.  I filled my Draftmark with Shock Top Belgian White…and it was amazing!  It even comes with magnetic tap markers to identify what you have in your keg.


It is so nice to pour ourselves a nice cold draft beer right from our own house.  It has the perfect amount of foam on top – I feel like I am the owner of my own bar – lol!  It is so easy to use too.  Just pop in a new plastic refill when you are empty.

We picked up the refill for our Draftmark at our local bottle shop.  It cost around $14.  Thank you BzzAgent for sending me the Draftmark for free…you rock!


July 26, 2013. Review.

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