The Challenge

I feel like the last few months have been a challenge for myself and my family.  I never imagined that we would have so many stresses, decisions, and victories.

The biggest stress has been the college admissions process.  Maddie has made me so proud – handling the entire process like a champ.  She has made her decision and will be a University of Georgia bulldog in the Fall!  I’m sooooo proud of her (and a little jealous – who wouldn’t want to live in Athens for 4 years?).  She will double major in Journalism & International Studies with a minor in Women’s Studies.

tanRiley has been really pushing herself at school.  As a freshman she is taking very challenging courses with a high goal of Valedictorian by her Senior year.  If anyone can do it, she can.  Also, after months of very hard work she made the Varsity Soccer Team!  One of my favorite things to do is to watch her play soccer.  Yes, I’m a soccer mom and proud of it!

tanOn Saturday I ran my 4th Warrior Dash and loved every minute of it.  The obstacles were challenging, the mud was thick, and the beer at the end was priceless!  I’m proud that I can hang with the young crowd and climb over walls with the best of them.  This is my favorite race of the year – I highly recommend it.  It happens all over the country, just click here to find one near you.  Here I am between my fellow warrior’s!




That is just a teeny glimpse of what we have been going through in the KatyShops world.  I don’t want to bore you with all of struggles & strides.  I just wanted to apologize for putting my blog on the bottom of the pile for the last few months.  We are just 4 crazy busy people anxiously awaiting Summer.  I’m counting the days….

April 15, 2013. entertainment.

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