Pure Madness

It’s CRAZY chocolate love!  Really, it is.  Thanks to BzzAgent I received some Pure Madness Chocolates to try out…and I wasn’t disappointed.  This stuff is made with raw chocolate imported from Belgium combined with classic and crazy flavors.  The box of Truffles not only looks like a piece of art, it tastes so decadent.  It makes me feel fancy eating it!

The end of the year is coming fast…and you need some really great ideas for teacher gifts, or how about Mother’s Day?  Well, here is your really good idea…a box of Pure Madness Chocolate Truffles.  It comes filled with traditional flavor combinations like Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate, and Vanilla.  It also includes some very inventive flavors like Chili Lime, Orange Kumquat, and Green Apple.  It is so beautiful that it will make anyone feel special.



April 9, 2013. food, Review.

One Comment

  1. Fiona Russell replied:

    I tried these truffles and they were TERRIBLE! Don’t know how you liked them. They tasted stale, waxy and just awful and, believe me, I know my truffles!

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