Is my butt worth $80?

I have spent the last two months freezing while sitting on the bleachers to cheer Riley & her soccer team on.  It has been cold, windy & wet.  I vowed to get better prepared for next season.  I need things to keep me warm, something to make the bleachers more butt friendly, and maybe something to carry it all in.

The first order of business is making my butt comfy.  I don’t have a lot any junk in my trunk.  The bleachers feel like torture sometimes.  I found this portable gel seat and was excited.  Then I saw the price tag – $80!  Whaaaat?  I’m not sure my butt (or lack of a butt) is worth the money.  Any suggestions?



March 25, 2013. shopping, Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. Angela White Hollander replied:

    I think this one looks great….I want a back as well as soft seat but what looks the best is the pockets to HEAT it up!! After this soccer season so far…I would kill for it!!

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