Shhh….don’t tell the Girl Scouts

While grocery shopping the other day I discovered a little secret in the cookie isle.  Keebler makes their own version of our favorite Girl Scout cookies.  In fact, after some research I found out that the Keebler version and the Girl Scout varieties are actually made in the same factory!  There are some subtle differences, but the Keebler’s really do give the Girl Scouts a run for their money (literally – the Keebler versions are less expensive for more cookies).

My Girl Scout favorite is the Samoa – The Keebler Fudge Shoppe Coconut Dreams are their rival.   They look almost identical to Samoas, except that the chocolate stripes on the Coconut Dreams look like a milk chocolate versus the darker chocolate stripes on the Samoas.  My box cost me $2.50 and contains four more cookies in the box than the Samoas.  We did a blind taste test in our house and the results were very close.  You could tell which ones were the Girl Scouts because of the dark chocolate, but they were both delicious.


Here are some other rivals…

The Grasshopper looks like a Thin Mint


There is also a peanut butter one that is supposed to taste exactly like the Tagalong.



February 21, 2013. shopping.

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