ChapStick To The Rescue!

I’m back from a busy weekend in Savannah (what a great place to visit!)…we spent much of the time sitting in the blustery wind at a soccer tournament.  I was so wind burnt and my lips were so chapped!  Luckily I had my trusty tube of ChapStick® Sport Ready with me.  Have you tried this stuff?  It’s awesome!  Not only does it keep my lips moisturized, it also has an SPF of 30 – so they don’t get burnt.  My favorite part of the new Sport Ready is that it has a really cool clip on it.  I keep mine attached to my tennis bag.  That way I don’t have to dig around for it in my bag.  It was truly a life saver this weekend.

When I’m not outside I like to use the ChapStick® Raspberry Crème.  it feels like a treat for my lips!  Made with 10 moisturizing ingredients and a luscious fruity flavor, my lips feel soft and silky.  It also has an 15 SPF.  It smell so good!  I try to keep tubes of ChapStick everywhere.  In my car, by my bed, in my gym & tennis bag.  I have them everywhere this time of year!  You can visit the ChapStick Facebook page for more info.

Disclosure:The ChapStick® product, information and gift have been provided by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare.


November 20, 2012. Review, shopping.

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