Sworking Out…

I found a new app that I love!  It’s called Sworkit the Circuit Training App.  There is a free version and an upgraded paid version.  I have been using the free version and am very happy with it.

It creates random circuit training workouts based on the amount of time that you have.  You can choose 5 minutes to 60 minutes and everything in between.  You then pick the area that you want to work on (or you can pick full body).  Sworkit tells you exactly what to do and even has a built in timer.  For example, you might start with wall sits, then move on to ab work.  You don’t need any special equipment and you don’t have to be in a gym.

I better go “Swork-out”…I’m heading to the Sugarland concert tonight and I want to look GOOD!


August 23, 2012. health, Review, shopping.


  1. Sasha replied:

    Have fun at Sugarland! We have tickets to see them Saturday… it’s an outside show, so I’m praying the 30% chance of rain they are showing now goes down as it gets closer!

    • katyshops replied:

      I hope you had a good time! We got rained on a little too…but it didn’t hurt my feelings – loved the concert. We were even lucky enough to get a chance to meet them backstage (and take pics with them). It was a blast!!

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