Making Progress

Meet Jules.  Isn’t she sweet?  She is our one year old Dachshund that we rescued 3 weeks ago.  She came with some baggage…as you can expect with a rescued dog.  She was very fearful and would run from us when we tried to get close to her.  This was a problem.  A BIG one.  In fact, for about the first week and a half I thought we were never going to be able to socialize her.  Until I found my saving grace in a book.  30 Days to a Well-Mannered Dog – The Loved Dog Method by Tamar Geller.  This book is amazing!  The first day I had the book I made tremendous progress with Jules.  We taught her to sit & to come.  Yay!  I love this book because it uses the Loved Dog Method – meaning I don’t have to demean my dog to make her think that I am the alpha in the house.  It uses all positive reinforcement, which is perfect for a dog that doesn’t trust people.  Jules is doing super and is confident.  I’m so glad that she is happy in our home and I love teaching her everyday.  I can’t wait to teach her to wave goodbye!  I highly recommend this book for  new pet owners as well as for your current pet.  All of her methods work with dogs of all ages – from puppy’s to adults. Tamar Geller has worked with tons of celebrity clients.  Oprah, Brad Paisley, Ben Affleck and more.   I love that the book is broken down into 30 different days.  It is a day by day guide to creating a great relationship with your dog.  You know I love a good checklist – lol!  You can find the book here.


July 31, 2012. Review, shopping.


  1. Sasha replied:

    Wondering if her method would help us…. our almost 2 year old Shih Tzu is very territorial and barks like mad when people come over. She doesn’t jump or nip, just stands near them and barks at them. What do you think?

    • katyshops replied:

      I think the book would work on your dog. It is meant for dogs of all ages. See if your library has a copy and give it a try. Let me know how it goes!

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