The Best Meals Happen at Home – Publix giftcard give away

***Contest Closed – The Winner is comment number one!**


I love Summer.  I especially love cooking during the Summer.  I feel like I’m not as rushed.  It is the perfect time to try out some new recipes.  Have you heard about the “Best Meals Happen at Home” event at Publix?  Sign up here to receive weekly recipes & coupons that can save you up to $200 this year. You can print your recipes at the site.  I found one for Chipotle Ranch Taco Salad that I’m going to make tonight.   The best thing about the recipes is that they can be made in 30 minutes or less.  Perfect for Summer, right?

Starting today June 21st there will be some great coupons available in your local Publix.  Make sure to look for them while you are shopping.  I love saving money on my groceries & I love trying new recipes!  Sign up today to start saving and creating great meals for your family. You can also visit Publix on Facebook.

To give you a head start on saving I’m giving one of you a $25 Publix gift card.  To enter comment on this post.  Tell me what you like to cook in the Summer or where you like to find new recipe inspiration.  Or just say Hi!  Enter as many times as you want.  I will choose a winner on Saturday June 30th.

Disclosure:  The Publix gift card, information, and giveaway have been provided by General Mills through MyBlogSpark.

June 21, 2012. give away, great offer, sale, shopping.


  1. Gina M Maddox replied:

    I would love to try the Mexican Casserole on their website! I also love cooking during the summer. Thanks for the chance to win!
    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  2. anash replied:

    i love cooking cold dishes! Thanks for a super giveaway!

  3. anash replied:

    hi! FOR a second chance!

  4. Michele replied:

    I love trying out new desserts during the summer. Just like you, I love having extra time to try out new recipes and not feel rushed.

  5. Mary Happymommy replied:

    In the summer we have a lot of salads and also barbecue.

  6. Cheryl Thompson replied:

    I find that most of the Publix demonstration receipes are easy and taste good. They are family friendly as well!

  7. Lynnette replied:

    During the summer, we like to grill veggies. Nice, light meals.

  8. tcarolinep replied:

    I’d like to do more salad dishes for summer

  9. tcarolinep replied:

    Love to find new recipe inspiration on Pinterest

  10. replied:

    just saying hi and I would love to win!

  11. Dana replied:

    I love making light pasta salad dishes. I have been getting inspiration from Pinterest lately. I find new things to pin to my Yummy board everyday.

  12. Dana replied:

    I also love making quick easy meals with crescent rolls. My boys love them and we can quickly move to the next summer activity without a lot of mess or clean up.

  13. Debbie replied:

    I love getting recipes from Pinterest. I look for ones that I can use my fresh veggies from my garden or farmers market. It is so much easier to eat healthy in the summer.

  14. jennifer horn replied:

    I love grilling during the summer, anything that will go on the grill!

  15. Joan replied:

    Grilled chicken, grilled vegetables, cold pasta salad, and ice cream sundaes with sprinkles! Perfect summer dinner

  16. Gina (@wrestlingaddict) replied:

    I love grilling, fresh fruit, and potato salad! yum!

  17. Samantha replied:

    I love pasta dishes in the summer time. I get recipes and ideas from Pinterest and other websites.

  18. Emily replied:

    Chipoltle Ranch Taco Salad sounds delicious!

  19. Selene M. replied:

    I’ll just say ‘Hi” this time.

  20. Selene M. replied:

    I love to shop in Publix stores when I visit our daughters in Alabama and Florida

  21. Selene M. replied:

    Publix’s customer service is the best!!

  22. Selene M. replied:

    Publix has great buy-one-get-deals and try-theirs-get-ours deals

  23. Selene M. replied:

    The Fried Chicken from the Publix deli is great!!

  24. Selene M. replied:

    Publix produce always looks fresh and there’s large variety available.

  25. Selene M. replied:

    Publix stores are always clean and well organized.

  26. Gina M Maddox replied:

    daily entry 6/23
    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  27. Samantha K replied:

    I like making macaroni salad in the summer and adding fresh vegetables like broccoli.

  28. Lynda Del replied:

    We grill dishes like BBQ chicken and have salads.

  29. Gina M Maddox replied:

    I find inspiration on!
    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  30. Donna L replied:

    We like to bbq on the grill.

  31. Donna L replied:

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

  32. Sheila K. replied:

    I like to make big fruit salads for our summer barbecues!

    skkorman AT bellsouth DOT net

  33. Sheila K. replied:

    Hi, and thanks for hosting this great giveaway!

    skkorman AT bellsouth DOT net

  34. Terri Patillo replied:

    My favourite thing to make in the summer is fresh salad with strawberries and balsamic vinegar!

  35. Nancy replied:

    In the summer, I like to cook corn on the cob!

  36. Nancy replied:

    I find new recipe inspiration when I look at the beautiful summer produce in the farmer’s market!

  37. Nancy replied:

    I find new recipe inspiration when I look at a menu in a restaurant!

  38. Nancy replied:

    I find new recipe inspiration when I try a new food at a party.

  39. Nancy replied:

    I find new recipe inspiration when I read monthly magazines.

  40. Nancy replied:

    I find new recipe inspiration when I read cookbooks!

  41. Nancy replied:

    I find new recipe inspiration when I see new food products or seasonings in the store.

  42. Nancy replied:

    I find new recipe inspiration when I see beautiful seafood displayed.

  43. Nancy replied:

    I find new recipe inspiration when I am going to a potluck dinner.

  44. Nancy replied:

    I find new recipe inspiration when we are going to host a party.

  45. Nancy replied:

    I find new recipe inspiration when we are having a dinner party.

  46. Nancy replied:

    I find new recipe inspiration when I am making food gifts for the holidays.

  47. Nancy replied:

    I am glad that I have a Publix store near my house.

  48. Nancy replied:

    I love the Publix Buy One Get One Free Offers.

  49. Sheila K. replied:

    I like to serve cold pasta salads during the summer!

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