Protection + Style…for my iPhone

I love my new iPhone.  I knew when I purchased it that I had to have an Otterbox (they are the best protection for all of your electronic devices)  for it – but I wanted my phone to look super cute.  I started searching for something other than the solid colored covers.  My search led me straight to one of my favorite companies – Invite Cottage.  They are the place to go for all things monogrammed!

They sell monogrammed Otterbox cases that you can personalize yourself.  You can pick from 20 background styles and then add your monogram or name to your case, in your choice of colors (you can choose from 26 colors!). I had so much fun personalizing my Otterbox.

Look at some of the amazing patterns/colors that you can choose from:

The result was a high quality Otterbox cover for my iPhone that wraps around to the front to fully protect my new obsession.  It even came with a screen protector.  I was amazed at how great it looked when it arrived – I get compliments every single day on my phone case. Isn’t it super cute?

You won’t find anything like this at your local store – it is truly one of a kind.  Most phone contracts require you to keep your phone for two years….so you better get great protection for it!  Your case should also reflect who you are, right?  I love my new iPhone even more now (even more than I loved it when it was going commando)!


April 27, 2012. Review, shopping, technical.


  1. lauraaustin replied:

    This case looks a little delicate itself? Is it just hard to tell from the picture? I LOVE these and would love my otterbox to look even cuter, but I drop my phone ALOT! If I am going to pay that for a case I certainly don’t want the case cracking immediately upon being dropped!

  2. lauraaustin replied:

    The case itself looks a little delicate? Is it durable? I have an otterbox and would love to make it look this cute, but I just want to be sure it is durable. I drop my phone ALOT!

    • katyshops replied:

      Very durable!!!

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