Fifty Shades of Grey

Have you heard all of the buzz surrounding this book?  Some call it a romance novel and some call it erotica.  I have even heard it called “mom porn”.  The author describes it as a love story.  Do love story’s include bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism?  I’m not so sure.  But housewives all over the country are cleaning out bookstores to get their hands on this one.  Maybe adult women are craving their own series (there are 3 books in this one) so they can put down the teenage vampire sagas.  Whatever the reason…this book is hot right now.  Have you read it?  Will you read it?  I would love your thoughts…


April 19, 2012. shopping.


  1. mindy replied:

    I am reading it!!

  2. briebo1 replied:

    I have read all three. You have to go into this knowing this is not good literature. It is cotton candy, and if you are a reader who is serious (in my opinion too serious) and can’t help but criticize bad writing, and rightly so in these books, than these books are not for you. If you like a fun read and don’t expect much, these books in my opinion are a delight. I generally stick to nonfiction and going through my list of Pullitzer/NBA winners for literature, but I also caved and read the Twilight series and loved it. Twilight sucked me in, FSOG sucked me in, and I loved the experience of both, i think it has something to do with the very intense and invasive first person narrative. In full disclosure I do enjoy short erotic/porn stories from time to time, but even if you haven’t gone down that route, and if you aren’t too serious about what you read, I endorse giving FSOG a try, every person I have told to read them has LOVED them to my surprise, even my sister who hadn’t read a book in a decade and finished FSOG in less than 3 days. Just sayin.

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