Stick UM Up!

You are going to love this product…I know that I do.  Stick UM’s allow you to hold your stuff wherever & whenever you want.  Seriously, they are like magic.  I put the black Stick UM pad on my dashboard in my car – it is just a flat rectangle (3.5″ x 6″)sticker.  The magic happens when I stick my iPhone onto it – it stays put!  I can pull it off when I am done driving and their is no residue on my phone.  The next time I get in my car, I stick my phone right back onto it – and it stays put again & again!  This is so helpful to me when I am using my phone’s GPS…I can easily see the directions right in front of me without having to use my hands to hold my phone.  Genius!  You can re-use it over & over again – and even wash it off if it gets dirty.

There are a ton of other uses for this amazing sticky pad.  I think I am going to put one by my bed because I use my phone for my alarm.  My daughter wants one for sticking things to her wall in her bedroom (say goodbye to thumbtack holes), and I want to use one in the kitchen to hold recipes.

Good thing it only costs $6.99 – because I am going to need a bunch of them!  The hardest part will be deciding what colors to get – they come in 10 different options.

I’m addicted!  I love Stick Um!

I received product from Um Brands to review.  This did not sway my opinion of their product.


April 9, 2012. Review, shopping.

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