Ball Claw – Genius!

Soccer season has started back up – yay!  During the off season I was on a mission to control the soccer gear hanging around our house.  Especially the soccer balls that seem to be taking over the garage, coat closet, and Riley’s room!  She has practice balls, special signed balls, and old soccer balls that she refuses to throw away.  What do I do with all of them??  Thankfully, I found the Ball Claw.  And it solved my problem.

The Ball Claw is a great way to organize all of your sports balls.  It is a claw like holder that mounts to the wall  (the mounting hardware is included)- then you just pop your ball into the holder and it is there to stay.  When you need to use the ball, simply pull it out of the “claw”.  Not only do they hold her soccer balls, they also preserve the life of the ball.  Love it!

We put some up in the garage to hold soccer, football and basketballs.  I also put some in her room to hold her commemorative and signed soccer balls.  They look really great hanging on her wall.

They are very inexpensive (around $12 each) and come in 4 different styles – Soccer, Basketball, Football and Volleyball. You can find them online here or at The Container Store.

February 16, 2012. Review.

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