I’m Back!! And I’m still Organizing…

What a tough week I had….I am finally feeling better – thank you for all of your well wishes.  We had to put our 16 1/2 year old Lab down, which broke our hearts.  Dogs are like people in our family and we sure feel like a piece of our family is missing.  Winnie is struggling with being an only dog-child now.  I usually like to take on projects to get my mind off of things.

This week I am tackling my master closet – yikes!  Last year I switched to all plastic hangers.  They had their benefits – they are cheap, they come in different colors (everyone in the family got their own color), and they hold the clothes.  The only drawback is that they take up more room in the closet.  I have decided to switch to the velvet no slip hangers because they are really thin.  The major drawback is that they can be very expensive.  So, I have been on a hunt to find affordable no slip velvet hangers.

The best price I have found is at Costco.  They sell a box of 35 for only $9.99!  At this price they are cheaper than the plastic hangers!  I picked up two boxes (and will probably be going back for more).  In fact, the same box of hangers sells for $30 on Ebay and $20 on Amazon.  This is the best price that I have found.

I’m sure some of you are wondering where to buy the hangers if you don’t belong to Costco.  Big Lots has a great price on them too.  They have a package of 20 hangers for $8 – a really great price.  Their hangers come in some great colors – I love the lime green.

Have you used the no slip hangers?  Do you love them?



February 6, 2012. shopping.


  1. Lynne replied:

    I LOVE the no slip hangers. It doesn’t matter what material your clothes are made out of or how wide the neckline is-they DON’T slide off. I’m slowly replacing all of mine, too.

  2. Debbie replied:

    I replaced all of mine three years ago with these hangers and are in love with them. It help you stay organized too because it makes me remove an item of clothes if I buy one since I did not buy extra hanger and I refuse to buy more. Bed Bath and Beyond is where I bought mine using my 20% coupons.

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