Using RED @ Target.

I get so used to cashiers trying to get me to open up a credit card during my checkout that I hardly listen to them anymore.  I usually just say no.  Well, the other day at Target I had a great cashier and I listened…and I was pleasantly surprised!  Have you heard about the new Target Redcard?  It isn’t a credit card – it is a Target debit card that is linked to your bank account.  When you use it, the money comes right out of your checking account as if you are using your debit card.  I’m sure you are wondering why you would want to use this card instead of your debit card, right?  There are HUGE advantages to getting the REDcard.

  • You get 5% off every purchase!  Prescriptions, groceries, and all of your other Target must-haves.  Awesome, right?
  • You get free shipping on all of your Target online purchases.
  • 1% of your purchases are donated to your child’s school.
  • After you fill 5 prescriptions, you get a coupon for 5% off a day of Target shopping (you add that to the 5% that you already get off by using your card).

You can sign up in the store in about 5 minutes – all you need is a current check from the account that you will be using.  There is no annual fee either.  It sounds like a win/win to me!  I have already saved $12 this weekend using my REDcard.

I did not get paid to write this – Target doesn’t even know I wrote it!  I just wanted to fill you in on some useful information 🙂


January 30, 2012. shopping.

One Comment

  1. kwhitlock replied:

    I am going to have to check that out! Why would you NOT want to get that card, right?

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