My Trip To The Container Store

I had an appointment downtown the other day…that meant I was very close to a few stores that we don’t have out here in the burbs.  My favorite stop was The Container Store.  I absolutely love that place!  They were having a great sale on everything elfa – to the tune of 30% off everything…yipee!!  I picked up a few of the Mesh Easy Gliders for some of my cabinets.  I put my pots & pans in a big one (now they don’t fall out when open the cupboard door) and I put a giant one in my coat closet for shoes.  They have changed my life!  They were so easy for Mike to install – it literally took him 15 minutes.

I saw these at the store for under $2.  Once I turned 40 my arms got really short (heh-heh) and I have trouble reading small print.  One of my girlfriends gave me one of these for Christmas – and I love it.

Magnetic Stickers.  These are pretty nifty.  You stick them on any surface (they don’t leave any residue) and you have an instant magnetic holder.

SmartGrip Pad – prevents items from slipping, sliding or falling on virtually any surface! The revolutionary material grips the surface it’s on and the items you place on it. Use one on a dashboard, the side of a computer monitor, refrigerator to securely hold a cell phone, keys, sunglasses or MP3 player.


January 13, 2012. shopping.

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