For The Man Cave

My girlfriends and myself have moved into Mike’s man cave this Winter.  We sit at the table and play Sorry (and gossip a little too).  We have been slowly sprucing up the man cave and even decked it out for Christmas this year!  I would love to have some candles burning – but I know Mike would put his foot down if I moved my “fresh cotton” candle down there.  Soooo….I found some manly candles with manly smells.  Now, which one should I pick?  They are under $10 each…maybe I will get 2.

Campfire…Mike would love that one!

Sawdust.  It kinda smells like that already.

New Mitt.  I love that smell!

Bacon?  Would it make me hungry?

They also have Hot Cocoa, Coffee, Dirt, Fresh Cut Grass, Grandpa’s Pipe, and New York Style Pizza.


January 3, 2012. shopping.

One Comment

  1. barefoot in the park replied:

    i can only imagine what dirt smells like!

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