Did you watch the Season Finale of Top Chef Desserts last week?  If you did, you might have learned a new word – speculoos.  Exactly what is it?  A caramel ginger spread made from ground Belgian cookies(Biscoff – the kind that you get on the airplane) and it is yummy!  Lucky for me, my sister lives in Belgium…I felt like a smarty pants when I knew what speculoos was and Johnny Iuzzini didn’t!  (Don’t worry Johnny, I still think you are the hottest pastry chef on the planet!)  One of the finalists made his own homemade speculoos for his final dessert – but I’m no Top Chef.  I buy my speculoos 🙂  You can find it at Whole Foods, Ingles, Cost Plus World Market, and other locations.  Many people use it as a substitute for peanut butter.  Why don’t you give it a try?


November 3, 2011. food, shopping.


  1. kristiporter replied:

    I was in Belgium over the summer and discovered it! It’s wonderful on waffles and crepes…and of course, all by itself! A little dangerous, but oh so yummy!

  2. Sasha replied:

    I am absolutely DYING for some Biscoff spread… I have been having actual dreams about it. But I’m afraid to get it…. afraid I’ll eat in all in one setting! Plus, I can’t find it here in OK, so I’d have to order and am not sure it’s worth $10 a jar????

  3. Sasha replied:

    I caved. Ordered it yesterday! Can’t WAIT to try it. I love the cookies I have gotten flying!

    • katyshops replied:

      I just discovered that my Publix sells it!! Bought a jar today – yum!!!

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