Public Service Announcement

I wanted to take a minute to pass along a warning to all of you.  One of my friends had a fire in her upstairs spare bedroom.  It started with a spark from an experiment that her son was doing with a battery and some wire.  The spark lit the bed skirt on fire her son ran to get a spray bottle of water to pour on it.  By the time he returned the bed was on fire.  He yelled for his parents – his mom started trying to put out the fire while his dad ran downstairs to get the fire extinguisher.  In the few seconds that it took for his dad to grab the extinguisher the fire spread and the curtains were on fire.  The first extinguisher didn’t work when he pulled the pin, luckily they had another.  The good news is that they got the fire out.  The bad news is that they have a lot of fire damage.  The firemen told them that if the pillow top on the mattress would have caught on fire, they would have lost their house.

Here is the moral of the story:  Make sure you have fire extinguishers on each level of your home!  Also, make sure that they work properly.  Check to see how old they are. Also, check the pressure gauge monthly. If the needle is in the green area, it’s functional. If it falls anywhere else, the extinguisher is unreliable and should be serviced or replaced. For an older model without a gauge, have it checked by a pro.

I also keep my fire extinguisher in the kitchen.  I never thought about putting one upstairs.  I will be buying a new one this week for my upstairs.  I hope you do the same.

You can buy extinguishers at Wal-Mart, Home Depot, etc.  They run anywhere from $15 and up.  This one is from Home Depot and costs $17.97


October 18, 2011. shopping.


  1. Melissa replied:

    They have a special at Sams of 2 fire extinguishers for $24.

  2. Sherry replied:

    I believe that the extinguishers that have the dry chemical powder under pressure must be shaken regularly or else the powder will stick together and either not discharge, or not discharge completely when the lever is pressed, regardless of the dial pressure. Everyone should check the maintenance suggestions on their equipment.

  3. Kim McGrath replied:

    Sorry to hear about your friends. Glad everyone is okay. Thanks for sharing – this is an important message. I too have two fire extinguishers – both in my kitchen. I’ll be moving one of them upstairs tonight.

  4. sue replied:

    gosh how scarey.thank goodness no one was hurt..thanks for info.

  5. Michelle Crist replied:

    Very good reminder. Glad it all worked out for your friend.

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