The Dickie is Back in Style.

I’m serious…I just read it in my latest Glamor Magazine.  People are wearing dickies again.  I’m still confused…you wear a dickie if you want the collar but not the rest of the shirt?  What is so bad about wearing 2 shirts?  If it is hot, why would I want a turtleneck dickie on my neck anyway? That would just look dumb.  Do you remember wearing a dickie?  Do you even know why your Mom put you in a dickie?


October 13, 2011. shopping.


  1. Laura replied:

    TOO FUNNY!! Our Mom used to always wear them (in fact, still has them) and my sisters & I have made fun of them ever since we were younger~~so I emailed them this post of yours to get a laugh for the day = ) Thanks!!!! (and yes, we would have to wear them occasionally when younger—eeew.)

    • katyshops replied:

      Just saying the word dickie cracks me up!

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