Sweet Goodbye…

We are up super early today (to the tune of 4 a.m!) ….my girls are headed to New York City to spend time with their Aunt & Uncle in Manhattan.  I am so jealous and will miss them terribly.  I wanted to give them something special to eat before they are wined and dined in the big apple.  Last week I picked up a few boxes of Trader Joe’s Chocolate Croissants that I decided  throw in the oven.  They are like little dough rectangles that you put on a cookie sheet to rise overnight.  When I woke up this morning they were huge!

After 20 minutes in the oven I enjoyed the best chocolate croissant the I have ever had.  No lie.  It was amazing!  Seriously, they were flaky, buttery, and tasted like pastry from a little bistro.  What a great little find for $4 for a box of 4.  If you find yourself at Trader Joe’s, pick yourself up a box (or 2)….you won’t be disappointed.

Now…what to do with myself for 6 days without my girls?  sigh.




July 1, 2011. food.

One Comment

  1. Renate replied:

    I discovered these last year through a friend’s recommendation. They are awesome! and tasty!

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