Some Father’s Day Ideas

My hubby loves to brew his own beer (and I like to drink it)…get your guy started with this easy kit from Uncommon Goods.  They have really cool flavors like chocolate maple and jalapeno.

Father's Day gift idea: beer making kitI love the idea of personalized Jones Soda.  Use your own pictures and create a six pack for around $17!

My Jones personalized soda

Mike would love this!  Now he can stop telling the girls to get out of his chair!!

daddy pillow


June 7, 2011. shopping.


  1. Laura Austin replied:


    Can you please refer me to the cold packs you referenced at some point on here…I searched cold pack and all I saw was the boo boo ones…the ones you wrote about I think were a one use and they came in lots of different sizes. I marked them as a favorite but I have had a computer crash since then. My husband is in Afghanistan and I want to send some in a care package. Thanks for your help!

    • katyshops replied:

      Were they the ones for the make up bags? I’m not exactly sure which cold packs you were looking for. Give me a little more info and I promise I will find it for you.

  2. Laura Austin replied:

    No….I think they were just to use to cool your body and I *think* they were one time use. You may have posted them as something you used after running. It seems like you squeezed them to make them cool so they didn’t need a fridge. I have googled all over and cannot find them. I remember they came in several different sizes and I want to say there was a penguin on the page where you buy them. I don’t know if this is good information or not! Now I am doubting myself that your site was where I first heard of them but I am almost positive it was! UGH!

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