On Friday we had our annual luncheon at work.  It is always so much fun because we reveal our yearlong “secret pals” by giving on last  gift.  It is always so much fun to see the creativity that goes into the prezzies.  This year the big hit was the collapsible market baskets filled to the brim with fun goodies.  I have had my eye on a market basket for a long time…I love them!  My friend Cindy was the giver of one of the baskets…and I know she is a great shopper.  When I asked her where she bought the basket I was shocked when she told me “Walmart, for $8“!  I headed over to Walmart right after lunch and picked one up for each of our cars.  They had red & blue…I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t find the cute striped one – but over all totally thrilled with my new market basket.  I couldn’t find them online, but here is a picture of a similar one.  It looks like they are only available in store only.  Thanks Cindy, you made my day!  Now I just need to get them monogrammed!


May 16, 2011. shopping.


  1. Mimi @ The Things We Do replied:

    I got the striped one from my SP’s Lauren & Leslie! They are so super cute and I’ve used mine a few times already!
    Love them!!! I may need to go get another one…

  2. Nicole replied:

    Katy, this would be a FABULOUS teacher gift to fill and ironically I am going shopping tonight for this very purpose. Can you tell me what section in Walmart you found these?? I really appreciate the post. I want one for me too!!!!! 🙂

    • katyshops replied:

      I found mine by the paint dept. I know that some people found them by the food….you really have to look around. Good Luck!

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