My Otter Box

I am still loving my new smartphone.  I have been super nervous about dropping it (because that is how I roll) and breaking it into a bazillion little pieces.  I went to Best Buy to find a cover for it…they had everything from $5.99 to $50.  There were pink ones, rhinestone cases, and skull & crossbones.  I was confused.  How do I pick the best cover for my phone?  Is the $5.99 case as good as the $29.99 case?  I left the store and headed right to my computer…some heavy KatyShops research was to be done.

My search was short…it lead me right to OtterBox.  All of my research told me that they would protect my prized phone.  I was drawn in my this statement on their website:Our cases are dedicated to all the klutzy, spontaneous, chaotic, graceless individuals who have broken a device or valuable due to their active lifestyle and like our customers, we’ve been there too!  They were talking about me!!  I contacted them to see if I could try one out – I wanted to see for myself if it was worth spending a little more dime for extra protection. They gladly sent me the Commuter Series to try.

The verdict?  OtterBox rocks!  The first major difference is that it comes with 3 layers of protection.  A screen protector to keep it from scratching, a silicone under layer (kind of like underwear), and a hard polycarbonate outer shell.  The film for my screen was easy to put on and will keep it from scratching.  The two covers work together to keep my little Optimus safe if when I drop it on it’s head.  It  really seems to absorb all of the shock if you drop it.  All of the buttons & the camera work just like before I covered them up…and it didn’t change the look of my phone at all.

They make them for all phones, iPads, Kindles, you name it.  The piece of mind you get far exceeds the $35 that this cover costs.  Face it…rhinestones are shiny & pretty…but they won’t protect your phone like an OtterBox.  You can find them online or head to Best Buy to see them in person.

OtterBox sent me a cover to review free of charge.  They did not pay me.  My opinions are my own.


May 6, 2011. Review, shopping, technical.


  1. Mimi @ The Things We Do replied:

    Love it! Just what I’m looking for for my NexusOne! And they make them for it! Are the cases easy to come on/off? I can’t have a case on my phone when it’s in the cardock so I’m looking for one that comes on/off without too much hassle!

  2. katyshops replied: can try mine out – take the cover off & on to see for yourself!

  3. Allison C replied:

    I got my husband an Otter Box for Christmas and found it online for less than $20 with shipping…it actually may have been cheaper than that. It’s Otter Box and has the plastic holder with belt clip as well.

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