I Did It!

I have never gone to a tanning place to get a professional spray on tan.  I decided to use this coupon and head to Palm Beach Tan to get my first ever spray tan (for free).  I was very pleased with the results.  I followed the online instructions and shaved 24 hours ahead of time, and exfoliated my whole body the morning of the tan.  When I got to Palm Beach Tan I told them that I was a spray tan “virgin” and they were very helpful in walking me through the entire process.

I donned my hair net, put lotion on my hands & feet and entered the booth.  Inside the booth it was kind of like being in a car wash…I got sprayed from all directions!  Three minutes later I came out looking….the same.  I didn’t realize that you didn’t look tan right away.  As the day went on I got darker & darker.  When I woke up the next morning I was super tan!  As a fair girl with freckles it has been fun to be tan…instead of red.  I think I would totally do it again.


April 11, 2011. Free.

One Comment

  1. Laura replied:

    I LOVE spray tans! Although they only last about a week, they give you a very natural tan ALL over, and for $30-40 it’s worth it when you have a big event coming up. (it is kinda gross tho when you shower the next day & all the water is brown–ha!)

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