Great Customer Service

Sometimes I think that people are quick to write about bad customer service, and forget to mention great customer service.  I have posted about how much I love my Keurig coffee maker.  It is awesome!  Yesterday it stopped working.  I was devastated.  I tried everything that I could to make it work.  From their website trouble shooting section to chat boards about Keurigs…I did it all.  I ran vinegar through it for over 4 hours, I poked it with paper clips in hopes of making it run again.  My warranty expired on February 2nd of this year.  Again, I was devastated.

Many of the chat boards were bashing Keurig.  People were upset that their coffee maker stopped working.  I decided to call Keurig for help.  They walked me through a few things in hopes of getting it working again, nothing helped. I thought my relationship with my Keurig was over.  When out of the blue the tech guy tells me that he is going to extend my warranty and send me out a new machine.  Can you believe it??  I was floored.  I wondered what I would have to pay.  As it turns out, nothing.  Not a cent.  Wow!  All I have to do is mail a little plastic piece back within 30 days of receiving my new one.  Now that is amazing customer service!  I will once again be the proud owner of a new Keurig in 2-4 days…and I can’t wait 🙂

March 25, 2011. shopping, technical.


  1. sue lotito replied:

    there are some good customer service’s out there……i recently had to pay $300 for work done on my pt cruiser & my warranty had run out only 5 days before that. So after having work done i went home & called Chrysler & within 5 days I had a $300 ck in my mailbox………sometimes we need to be a little persistent & nice to the customer service people!!!

  2. linr12 replied:

    Awesome! I love to hear good customer service stories. I love my Keurig. I’m glad to hear they have great customer service.

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