Nail Art

I am so happy that Real Housewives of O.C. is back on.  I love all of the Housewives, but the original O.C. is still by first love.  I have noticed while watching that some of the ladies are wearing some interesting nail polish.  It got me wondering what are the hot Spring colors for nails this year?  I probably could have saved myself a ton of investigation work and just asked Sasha…but I decided to dig into it myself.  Here is what I found:

Moon Manicures – Sorta like the opposite of  the French manicure ~ only in dark + light colors. To get this look they suggest you use a nail art pen.

Metallic & Foil – this can be anything from gold to gunmetal gray.  I actually saw the gray a lot while watching the ladies of the O.C.

Crackled Nails – Do you remember when this was a big furniture trend?  Now you are supposed to crackle your nails.  Go figure.

Who knew their were so many crazy nail trends out there!  If you want to see the latest, visit Sasha’s nail blog…she will set you straight!


March 15, 2011. shopping.


  1. Sasha replied:

    Yay for nails! I am not sure I can sport the crackle…. but I *do* think it’s cool. I just got Avon’s spring shades… they are bright and sassy! The new colors are Blue Shock, Electric Green, Powerful Pink, and Vivid Violet- that’s the one I am most excited about.

    I also have the new Sally Hansen nail strips to try soon…. they look like the Minx trend we were seeing last year, but do-it-yourself.

  2. Kimberly replied:

    Love love love the OC ladies!!! I noticed lot of really dark colors and short nails. Hmmmm

  3. Michelle Crist replied:

    I love those nails, but I just couldn’t get away with it here in the Coca-Cola offices! 😦

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