I have never worn contact lenses.  Unfortunately, I have two kids that wear them.  Riley just started wearing them and Maddie has had them for a few years.  At our last eye appointment I realized that Maddie had a ton of new in the box contacts left.  Yikes!  That means she has been wearing them to long.  When she first started wearing them she wouldn’t wear them long enough…we went through a years worth of contacts in about 6 months.  Yikes again!

The LensAlert is a great way to solve this problem.  With LensAlert, the reminder timer gets set for a lens countdown (30 or 14 days) and a fresh case countdown (from 30 to 90 days, in monthly increments), and my girls can throw away  the old lenses and swap the case when the timer tells them to.

It looks super hip and you can find it at Target for under $10.  It helps them stay on schedule and keeps the Yikes! away.


February 18, 2011. shopping.

One Comment

  1. Sasha replied:

    I totally need that. I always end up with extras at the end of they year. I’ve worn contacts since 5th grade, and I’m 37 now… that math would take too long, but I’ve worn them FOREVER.

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