I had to take Maddie downtown on Saturday for an interview with CNN.  She is applying for a Summer Internship camp that we are praying she gets.  It sounds like a great learning experience and a ton of fun.  Anywhoo…the interviews just happen to be a few blocks away from Ikea.  Score!  I didn’t buy anything big..but somehow managed to ten dollar myself to death – lol!  Here are a few of my highlights..

I found this really cool acrylic candelabra.  The candles light up when you turn the light on.  It comes in black, red, white, and chrome.  I picked up the black one for only $5.99.

Everytime I passed one of these Tindra scented candles I immediately thought of Spring.  So I brought a little Spring home with me.  How could I pass them up at only $1.99 each?

Next, I picked up a few bundles of wood hangers.  I have been wanting to have matching nice hangers in my coat closet for years.  Plus it is totally a project that I can handle in just a few minutes – instant gratification!  Each bundle of 8 hangers was only $3.99

My favorite bathmat is the Toftbo mat from Ikea. It is soft, pretty, and super cheap!  It is also giant…26×29.  I needed a new one, my last one was over 5 years old and getting a little ragged looking.  Can you believe it is only $9.99?

Not super exciting, but very necessary stuff.  The cinamon roll that we had after we shopped was awesome!  In fact, we decided that we are going to Easter Brunch at Ikea this year.  I know it isn’t the fanciest restaurant in Atlanta, but we love that place.  The are offering a Swedish Smorgasbord for only $9.99 per person – all you can eat!  This is our chance to try all of their yummy food in one sitting!


February 14, 2011. shopping.

One Comment

  1. Michelle Crist replied:

    Oh great. 🙂 I work downtown and can see the Ikea building from my office, and I’ve been trying to keep myself out of there. . . I MAY have to trek over there!!! Love the candelabra. 🙂

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