Oldie…but Goodie…

I just saw a tweet from one of the Real Housewives.  They had just discovered Bootie Pies.  Hello?  I wrote about Bootie Pies in 2007!  With all of the cold weather shooting across our country I thought they might be great to re-feature.  I have a pair and they are awesome.

They are warm & cozy pedicure boots. What’s that you say?

“These luxurious, pedicure-friendly boots provide the warmth that flip-flops can’t, eliminate salon waiting time, and keep wet toes exposed!”

They look like your typical Ugg boot, until you take a closer look. Right before your polish goes on you zip up your boot, fold the toe flap down, stick your toes out and your warm feet are ready to be polished! Genius. They come in 5 different colors and are available online. I have the Coconut Creme pair and loooove them!



February 10, 2011. shopping.

One Comment

  1. Sasha replied:

    Cute idea! One of my friends gave me pedi socks- which is the same idea. Perfect for me since I can’t stand walking around the house barefoot!

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