Hello Genius.

Totally wish I would have found this little gem when my kids were younger.  I love this Lego Storage System.  Your kiddies just put the right color in it’s appropriate box.  As a teacher, I love the idea of practicing sorting at an early age.  As a Mom, I like the idea of practicing organization at an early age.  A total win – win situation in my book!

Can you believe this little smarty pants sorts the Legos by piece??   Just stack the four trays in order of hole size as shown (the smallest grate on the bottom, the largest one on top) and then load stray pieces into the top at will.  Give it a  gentle shake and like magic–the smallest pieces hit the green tray, the next-smallest nestle in the red tray, the bigger blocks in the blue, and the biggest in the yellow. You’ve cleaned up, sorted, and organized  it so that you can unstack the trays and find everything you need the next time you want to create.

LEGO storage


February 1, 2011. cleaning, shopping.

One Comment

  1. Paul replied:

    Where was this when I was a kid? I love Legos and love organization, this probably would have been one fo my favorite things and made play time that much better.

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