Vision – A History Lesson

No one can deny the fact that Michael Jackson had a vision.  He was a musical genius.  Sony sent me a copy of Michael Jackson’s VISION to review.  I was so excited to get the chance to review this 3 DVD set.  They didn’t leave anything out – everything that he ever did is on one of these DVD’s.  It actually has 42 music videos on it and a bunch of short films – some that have never been seen before.  Dirty Diana, She’s Out of my Life, and a few others are some of the never seen before music videos that you will find hidden in the collection.

I also enjoyed seeing all of the celebrities that Michael worked with over the years.  There were far to many to list but here are a few you will find – Marlon Brando, John Travolta, Tyra Banks, Wesley Snipes (he looked very young), Iman, and Lisa Marie Presley (duh, of course he worked with her).

Amazon has the 3 DVD set for only $29.99 – that is an amazing deal!  This DVD collection could entertain you for days months!  Not only is it a ton of footage (over 4 1/2 hours), you could watch it over and over.  My girls loved it too – it is like letting them watch a piece of history (only way more interesting than regular history).

January 27, 2011. entertainment, shopping.

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