Happy Accident…

Maddie’s final birthday present finally arrived 4 days late due to our snow & ice situation.  With this being her 16th birthday I knew I wanted her gift to be something car related…I thought a GPS would be the perfect present.  It will help her find her way around, since she obviously hasn’t been paying attention for the last 16 years (she definitely has her Dad’s sense of direction – meaning none at all).  It gives her Dad & I a sense of security to know that she won’t get lost or end up in the wrong side of town.

Anyway, I wanted Mike to help me pick out the perfect GPS for her – yes, occasionally even KatyShops asks for shopping help 🙂  He got tied up and the days got closer to her birthday, so I jumped on the computer and picked one out in about 30 seconds.  I didn’t look at features – just brand & price.  Not the smartest shopper on the block.  But guess what?  I ended up with an awesome GPS!

Here is what we like on hers that we don’t have on ours:

  • You can choose from a big variety of voices – even celebrity voices.  Dennis Hopper, Sponge Bob, or even Darth Vader.  It makes it really fun to listen to.  My guy is kinda mean sometimes.  I wouldn’t want some mean guy talking to Maddie while she is driving.
  • Traffic updates.  I love this!  It lets you know where there is bad traffic and how to get around it.
  • Map updates.  My GPS is stuck with the map that it came with 4 years ago.  If I am driving on a new road (which is all the time in Atlanta) it looks like I am 4-wheeling through a field on the screen.
  • The screen looks amazing…you can custom color it and even pick out what kind of car you would like on the screen to represent your car.

I guess this GPS is just more hip and a lot more fun than mine – perfect for a teenager, don’t you think?  The price is great too.  Only $69 on Wallmart.com…it retails for $129 on the TomTom site.  Score!  It is the TomTom 335 Special Edition.  Another bonus?  It comes with a $10 credit to the TomTom store, so you can download some fun voices or pick up a carrying case.

Phew!  My knee jerk choice ended up fine….Happy Birthday Maddie 🙂

January 18, 2011. shopping.

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