Still snowed in…

We are on day 5 of being snowed in….I have not been out of my house since Sunday.  The laundry is done, the cupboards are organized, and we are just about out of butter.  Maddie’s birthday was on Wednesday and we pulled together a great birthday dinner from the pantry (in fact, it was the exact meal that she requested last year on her birthday).  Many of her presents & cards have not arrived yet – we haven’t had mail since last Saturday.  One of the presents was my “big” gift to her.  I guess her birthday will be drawn out until she gets all of her goodies!

I did get her an instant mobile printer that she loves. It is the Polaroid PoGo.   Have you heard of these?  It is a tiny printer about the size of a digital camera that prints out pictures from your mobile phone or camera.  You use the bluetooth function on your phone to send the picture to the tiny printer – so no wires!  It prints out a 2×3 borderless color image in under a minute.  Another cool thing is that it does not require ink.  The photo paper has the ink in it!  Pretty cool, right?  It turns your camera phone into a Polaroid camera!



January 14, 2011. shopping.

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