Goal #1 – Try one new recipe a week

Riley & I came up with a goal together yesterday.  We want to try one new recipe each week.  That should be fun, right?  We feel like we are in a recipe rut.  Our inspiration was the arrival of  2 cooking magazines yesterday.  Cooking Light (thanks for the subscription Mom) and Rachael Ray.  I’m really excited about the new subscription to Cooking Light…not only will we find new recipes, they will be healthy too!

I would love to have some more tools to make attaining our goal more fun.  I love this spoon from Sur la table.  It has a little foot that allows the base to sit on the counter top while the icky spoon part stays elevated.

Have you heard about Bleach-safe kitchen towels?  They come in all sorts of fun colors and patterns…after you use them you can bleach them without  changing the color.  So you can have cute & sanitized towels.  They are a pretty good deal for only $4.99.

I saw this great soap pump last week at The Container Store.  It is called the Umbra Penguin Soap Pump, and it sorta does look like a penguin.  I like the fact that it has a clear window on the front so that you know when it is empty.  This would be nice to have in my kitchen.

I am so glad that Riley & I decided on this goal together.  Have I told you that she loves to cook?  For her birthday we took her to see Rachael Ray at a local book signing.  Rachael was so nice!  When Riley meets a famous chef she always asks them to sign a small plate for her.  We hang the plates on the wall with a photo of Riley & the chef.  They make a really nice keepsake & decoration.  Here is the plate that Rachael signed for Riley.



January 4, 2011. cooking, food, shopping.

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