I wanted to take a break from my Christmas finds to let you know about my new favorite thing.  This post might get put into the TMI category, but I feel the need to share.  I found another great bra.  By great, I mean the most comfortable underwire bras ever.  Have you heard of the Invisible Bliss and This Is Not a Bra line by Warner?  Amazing.  I received 2 bras to try out….as soon as the box arrived I put on the This Is Not a Bra Full Coverage Underwire and headed out to a concert.  It was supposed to provide all-day comfort and prevent dig-in.  What better way to try it out than a long night at a Lady Antebellum concert?  I was floored!  The straps did not slip, and I totally forgot I was wearing my new bra.  It is made out of this super soft satin material and has this Satin Comfort Wire System that makes you feel like you don’t have wires in your bra.  It really is the most comfortable bra that I have ever put on.

The Invisible Bliss bra is the perfect bra to wear when you are wearing a t-shirt.  It just disappears when you put your shirt over it.  No strap or cup lines.  You know how sometimes when you wear a tight fitting shirt every line of your bra shows?  Warner solved that problem.  It is also super comfortable.

So, while you are out Christmas shopping for everyone else on your list buy your “girls” a little prezzie….they deserve it.


December 13, 2010. shopping.


  1. Alix Cooney replied:

    Do you know how it compares to the Spanx bras I love?

    • katyshops replied:

      I have never tried the Spanx Bras. I do love this one though!

      • Alix Cooney replied:

        ok, thanks. The Spanx ones are amazing but costly.

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