My Get Together

I was selected to host a My Get Together party for Pillsbury Crescents.  This was perfect for me, I happen to love all things made with Pillsbury Crescent rolls.  They made the party so easy to host.  They provided me with the following:

  • recipes to share with my guests
  • Coupons for free Pillsbury Crescent Cans
  • a gift card to cover other recipe ingredients
  • a shopping list
  • product information sheets w/coupons
  • Allergen facts, tabletop signs, recipe cards
  • An oven mitt and a sheet pan

I was ready to roll!  I invited 14 of my girlfriend over to taste 4 different Crescent recipes.  I made Crescent-Wrapped Brie, Crescent Layer Bars, Mini Crescent Dogs, and Crescent Bacon-Cheddar Pinwheels.  They were all super yummy.  My favorite was the Bacon Pinwheels.  My guest’s favorite was the Layer Bars. We chatted and ate…and ate…and ate.  It was really fun hearing how everyone else uses Crescent rolls.  I picked up some handy recipes from some of my friends.

If you are interested in the recipes just click on the highlighted recipe titles above.  If you are interested in hosting your very own My Get Together Party, sign up here.  I love having a great excuse to hang out with my friends and eat 🙂




November 30, 2010. coupon, entertainment, food.

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