Give Away! Fiber One Gift Pack

The winner of the Fiber One gift pack is number 10 – Holly!!!  Congrats!!  Fiber One is giving away free boxes of cereal on a first come first serve basis for entering the contest!  Go here to claim yours…and be  quick, they will go fast!


In celebration of Election Day I have decided to host a little give away!  I recently divulged that I have lost 20lbs in the last 4 months.  One of the ways that I achieved my goal was by eating food that made me feel full longer.  Another way that I met my goal was by eating breakfast everyday.  Yes, I was a breakfast violator.  But I am a changed woman now!  I like to eat a breakfast that sticks with me.  One of the best ways to do this is by eating lots of Fiber.  Have you tried Fiber One cereal yet?  Not only is it delicious, it really keeps you full for a long time.  In fact, one serving of Fiber One cereal provides 57% of your daily fiber value.  Awesome.  Fiber One can really help you “Take the hunger out of dieting” .  Just because you are dieting doesn’t mean you should be starving.  It is all about eating the right foods.

Want to try it out?  Visit Fiber One and print out your own coupon for $2 off to get you started…or enter to win a box right here!

I am giving away a Fiber One gift pack to get you started on eating the right thing for breakfast.  It includes a box of Fiber One cereal, a kitchen scale, a water bottle, a notepad, and a really cool container to take your cereal on the go.  To win – just comment on this post.  Let me know what your favorite diet trick is.

Ways To Enter

  • Comment on this post
  • Post on Facebook or Twitter(come back & let me know)

Contest will close Friday Night and be announced on Monday.

General Mills provided me with a  Help Take the Hunger out of Dieting prize pack, information, and an additional prize pack to give away through MyBlogSparkTM.


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  1. debp replied:

    I would love to have this.This would help with my diet.

  2. Janie replied:

    Hi! My favorite diet tip is to allow myself to have a Fiber One 90 calorie bar for snack each day. It’s “chocolatey”, pretty big sized and fiber filling!

  3. Nicole Jones replied:

    I love love love the Fiber One bars but have never tried the cereal. I think I might. Hey, maybe I could win!?! 🙂

  4. KRISTIN replied:

    I could really use this to get started on my diet.

  5. Michelle replied:

    I *heart* this!! 🙂

  6. Maura replied:

    I want a gift pack! More fiber!

  7. Judy replied:

    My diet tip is watching the quantity of food now, and exercising 30 minutes daily. Have you tried mixing the fiber one cereal with yogurt yet? I would love to win this gift pack 🙂

  8. Eric replied:

    I have been participating in Weight Watchers since the first of the year, and have managed to lose around 45 pounds. One of my “secrets” is Fiber One toaster pastries for breakfast “on the go”. They are just as good as the leading brand, but have fewer calories and more fiber – which translates into fewer WW points!

  9. Lynne Knepper replied:

    I love Fiber One. I sprinkle some on my yogurt for some crunch. One thing that has really helped my diet & my cholesterol-I have started eating edamame. I buy yhe frozen, shelled at Kroger. You put the whole bag in the microwave. I love them hot & cold. They fill you up, give you protein and have helped my cut down on the meat I eat in my diet. I love your blog. Really miss it when I’m out of town & can’t get internet access. Keep up the good work.

  10. Holly replied:

    I am with you Lynne- I love Edamame!! I try to eat as much fiber as I can and drink plenty of water. Thanks for another awesome giveaway.

  11. Cyndi replied:

    I have lost 55 lbs and been dieting since Memorial Day. I just found a recipe for Chicken & Waffles using Fiber One Cereal as the “breading” on the chicken. I cannot wait to try it!

    Thank you

  12. Kimberly replied:

    This is a great way to just start my new eating clean and healthy goal. Thanks for all your giveaways!

  13. Nayola replied:

    My diet tips are as follows:

    (1) Never keep “unhealthy” foods in the house. for example, if you want a cookie, buy one (or two). But do not buy a whole bag. If the bag is in the house, you will probably eat more than you intended.

    (2) Use smaller plates. The bigger the plate is, the bigger your portion tends to be.

    (3) When eating out at restaurants, do not accept the bread or chips that they try to give you when you first sit down. That’s just extra calories that you really don’t need. Do you sit around at home eating bread before your dinner? No (well, not usually 😉

    Little changes add up over time. It’s just a matter of being mindful of how you are eating.

  14. sarah replied:

    What don”t I try?? I think the food scale will help me.

  15. sarah replied:

    I think Fiber One is awesome!

  16. Jenny replied:

    Fiber One is awesome! I guess my diet tip is to eat whole foods- nothing from a box or package!

  17. mary jo liccar replied:

    Fiber one has helped me loose 50lbs…..

  18. steve liccar replied:

    Fiber one is awesome, buy it all the time. Love the pastries too…

  19. Miranda replied:

    I love these fiber bars they are so yummy and good for you!!!

  20. marci h replied:

    my favorite trick is to drink as much water as possible BEFORE i eat–it will fill you up more quickly and try to skip the dessert. 🙂

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