Cake Pops

It’s Maddie, filling in for KatyShops, and I am here to blog about my book I just received in the mail the other day. This book is no ordinary book, it’s Cake Pops by Bakerella (A.K.A. Angie Dudley)! I have been following Bakerella’s blog everyday for the past couple of months, and have fallen in love with her recipes, especially the cake pops, cake balls, and cupcake pops. And when I found out she is going on a book signing tour this fall, I jumped at the chance to buy her book. This book not only has great projects and recipes, but also information so that your cake pops turn out perfect. There are jack-o’-lanterns, puppies, chicks, wedding cake pops, and tons more. The touring schedule for Bakerella’s book signing tour can be found here. So go ahead, buy Bakerella’s book and fall in love with cake pops.


September 21, 2010. Uncategorized.

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  1. Mimi @ The Things We do replied:

    Maddie – I have the book too and love it! So cute! One of the things I plan on making with the boys this break!

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