Faux Decorating

I love the look of fresh fruit.  I like to keep a bowl or basket of fruit on my kitchen table.  In the Summer months I love a white bowl filled with lemons, as Fall approaches I like to change it out to a basket of apples.  The only problem is that it is not practical.  The fruit goes bad fast, especially the ones in the bottom of the bowl or basket.  My solution?  Fake fruit.  Yep, I have fake fruit on my table.  Not the waxy plastic grapes that you remember from your Grandmother’s dining room table.  This fruit looks real.  It has faked out so many people.  I have actually had people ask if they could have an apple!  Years ago I found my super real looking apples on a trip to Blue Ridge.  Thank goodness I had the forethought to buy a whole bunch of them.  Red ones, green ones, and in between.  They look super real.  Thankfully, faux fruit is a lot easier to find now.  Michaels and Hobby Lobby has a great selection.  If you are looking for something more out of the ordinary Barnard LTD is the place to go.  This is where I picked up my super real looking lemons.  Their stuff is amazing looking.  Just look at how realistic they are.

Golden Delicious Apple, Bosc Pear, artichoke, even the “apple-tini”


September 14, 2010. food, shopping.

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