Fit Friday – Sweaty Bands

You know I am all about looking good while working out.  The worst is looking like a sweaty mess!  Sometimes I get really sick of wearing a hat every time I work out.  This is where Sweaty Bands come to the rescue.  I first saw Sweaty Bands at the Peachtree Road Race Expo in July – and was hooked!

So what exactly is a Sweaty Band?  They describe themselves as  the ultimate sports and fitness headband, uniquely designed for women and girls who want to show their style, even when they sweat a while! They are these super cute headbands that come in a bazillion cute styles – the beauty is that your hair looks super cute, stays out of your face, and you won’t have sweat pouring into your eyes!  Not only do they stay put, they don’t give you a headache while wearing them….don’t you hate when a headband squeezes your head?  It has a really cool lining that soaks up the sweat.  The hardest part is choosing which one you want – they come in 2 sizes and a ton of colors/patterns.

Check out their site to see the Sweaty Bands in action – and to look at all the awesome bands that they have to offer!

Picture 41

Picture 55

Picture 66


August 6, 2010. Review, Running, shopping.


  1. Julie Gosselin replied:

    Love these – might have to grab one or two.

  2. Laura replied:

    Heehee….this made me think of the SNL sketch w/ Alec Baldwin–Schwedy Balls….! (just wanted to give you a laugh for the day = )

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