Back to school, back to reality…

Ugh.  School starts today.  I hate it!  I love having my girls home with me during the Summer and totally miss them when they go back to school.  I can’t stand eating lunch by myself everyday.  Do you send in a gift to the teacher on the first day?  My girls always took a bouquet of flowers for their teacher.  Of course we are out of elementary school….  which makes the gift giving a little more difficult/void.  Some of my favorites ideas are….

A bunch of highlighters in a metal bucket with a note attatched that reads “you are the highlight of our year”.

A great set of notepads…preferably personalized….Check out Monogram Me….and take $10 off of your Monogram Me order when you add  personalized paper to your order (through August 31st).

Another great personalized gift is a stamp.  Teachers love these!  They can stamp their books, notes, and more.

Candy is always nice.  How about a giant container of LifeSavers with a note that says “you are a lifesaver”?  Another great idea is a teacher survival kit.  You can either make your own or buy one.  I love the Shemergency Kit.  It has everything from  advil, lotion, sewing kit, and breath freshener to  tampons..quite a handy little bag.  If you need a fairly low cost gift for someone this is a life-saver for only $20.


Another great one is the The On The Go Kit .  This is a small little tin that contains an emery board, dental flossers, sewing kit, hairband, bandages, and stain wipes. The quick fix for things that happen away from home! For $9.50 you can stick some money for the vending machine in it and your teacher will be thrilled!


August 5, 2010. shopping.

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