My “dirty” little secret…

Sunday night I was out late at the Rascal Flatts concert, woke up early Monday morning to work out, showered and immediately took my kids to the pool.  I was tired!  When we came home I sat down on a chair on my deck while I let the dogs out…and came right in & hit the couch.  Yep.  I took a power nap.  When I finally got up I was in shock…it looked like someone had smashed blueberries on my couch right where I was laying!  I took a look at my behind…and the back of my shorts looked the same way.  Oh no…I sat in bird poop.  Gross.  I immediately sprayed everything with Shout and put them in the washing machine.  As soon as it was done I ran upstairs to check…and the horrible purple stains were still there.  In fact, they didn’t even look like they had been affected by the wash that they just received.  I ran downstairs and pulled out my magic bottle – Woolite Pet Stain & Odor Remover + Oxygen.  This stuff is liquid gold.  I sprayed everything down and watched.  Nothing was happening.  Crud.  I left and went over to a friends house.  When I came back a few hours later there was absolutely no trace of the stain!  It was gone completely..with no dabbing, scrubbing, or swearing.  I have used this stuff on blood (from my old dog who has gross sores on her head), food (messy kids – ugh), and even Georgia clay.  I thought it had met its match with my berry bird poop stain.  Not at all!  I like it because you just spray it on and it magically makes the stain disappear.  Woolite didn’t give me anything free or pay me to say fabulous things about their liquid gold…I will always have some of this on hand (and start looking at my chairs before I sit down).

July 1, 2010. Review.

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