Look What I Found….

I have been wondering just how many calories that I am eating in a day.  I really had no idea.  I found a site called DailyBurn that has a great tool to not only track your calories, but also your workouts and weight.  You can use it on your home computer, but it also has a free iPhone or iTouch app that you can use too.  I signed up yesterday and input what I ate – right down to the brand of cereal, protein powder, and even  beer that I had.   It told me my total calories – broken down into carbs, protein, &  fats.  The great thing is that you can see your progress throughout the day to make sure that you are not going over in one category.  If you have an iPhone you can just scan the barcode of the food that you are eating…how cool is that?   I was headed to the Rascal Flatts concert that night…so early in the day I went ahead and input what I knew I would be having – since we were tailgating knew we would be picking up Publix Subs & of course having a few Bud Selects (my new very low calorie indulgence).  By putting it in early, I could make sure that everything I ate up to that point would ensure that my day was balanced.  It is really very cool…and even fun to track.

You can put in your workouts too.  It is a great place to log all of your fittness & nutrition progress.  I also have mine tracking my weight and body fat.  You can link up with your friends to become motivators for each other.  In fact, come find me…I am listed as KatyShops!


June 28, 2010. health, Review.

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  1. Mary Anne replied:


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