Poor Girl Gourmet

Have you heard of the cookbook Poor Girl Gourmet:  Eat in Style on a Bare-Bones Budget?  It is the brain child of Amy McCoy and a spin off of her amazing blog Poor Girl Gourmet.  Amy has a passion for food that she wasn’t ready to give up when the recession hit her family.

Her mission became “to eat the best food she and her husband could while spending as little as possible”.  When you look through the book you definitely don’t think that you are reading a budget cookbook…this girl is eating very well!  Not only does she present you with a slew of amazing recipes, pictures, and inspiration – you also get a break down on the cost of each meal & a wealth of basic techniques that you will use long after the economy bounces back.  As an added bonus you get an entire chapter devoted to wine & wine pairings…affordable wines to boot.

This book is gorgeous…I couldn’t put it down when it arrived in my mailbox.  In fact, I was cooking from the book the very next evening!  Her recipe for Lime Corn Cream Dressing has quickly become one of my family’s favorites.  Not only do we put it on her Summer Romaine and Corn Salad with Chicken, we use it on shrimp tacos, chicken wings, and more.  It is so simple…fresh corn, sour cream, lime, salt & pepper.  No rocket science here (or high cost)!  From a basic Pasta Carbonara to elegant Lamb Shanks in an Orangey Fig Sauce – Amy has you covered.  She walks you through the cost, technique, and wine pairings.  She also gets personal with you…you feel as though she is your friend after you read her book.  Her love of food combined with her personal stories make it feel as though you know her.  If you want to eat like a queen on a  pauper’s budget – this is the book for you!

A special thank you to Amy McCoy & Andrews McMeel Publishing for providing me this book to review.  Getting it free did not change my opinion of this book…I love it because it is great.  It definitely earned a top 5 cookbook spot on my shelf!


June 22, 2010. cooking, Review.

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  1. Jean Carney replied:

    Heard you on NPR. recognized your voice immediately. You were, as usual, confident and fabulous. Congrats. I’m happy for you.

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